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What would be the advantage to NOT putting up your strongest defense team in Alliance War? It seems to be the case in some of our war match ups, where the offense seems to be significantly stronger than what you see in the defensive lineup.

The only thing I could think of is to level out the available enemy scoring across the alliance. I don’t think so many of our own defenses could be decimated in one blow with mostly 4* defenders showing unless there are some available 5* out there.

They could also be really, really good at matching offense to defense, but it’s mystifying us.

None… it is always in your best interest to put the stronger defense accordingly to alliance’s strategy as monochrome tank and maybe two opposed color flanker.

Defense is usually at disvantage and many attacks could be successful even without leveled heroes.
Could a team like this be cleared by unleveled heroes? Here the answer.

It could be just some players have set war defense some time ago and forget to update it as they get new stroger heroes, but they do it with normal defense. Or they think that these are the same things. Few people in my alliance have to be constantly reminded to update war defense and pay attetion to troops as they switch to 1*'s sometimes when you change something.

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That was very interesting. Thanks!

Well, this is more like the link just shared, where you don’t see much power in their defense but they take down a 4100 defense team of yours. I HAVE seen troops magically switch to 1* and we always remind people to check for that.

A prevalent strategy is for everyone in the alliance to use the same color tank, which helps to deplete the foes’ heroes that are strong in that color. A particular ally may not have a particularly good tank of that color, though, and be forced to field a suboptimal team rather than break the common-tank strategy.


Thanks! That does seem to make a difference in the second half (we did that and only almost got wiped out in the first half). We couldn’t catch ‘em though.

With the war being an energy boost, is there a better defense strategy than using 3 healers on your battlefield team? Would only using two healers and more attackers be better instead?

Also, for attacking teams during the wars, should more or fewer heroes be included on your team, again becsuse of the energy boost?

Attack boost is my favorite version of war as a lot of player set their defense and never check it again. I see a lot of healer-heavy teams for attack boost rounds even though the majority of healers don’t have a special that attacks. Granted, their normal attack is boosted, but the majority of damage normally comes from a special skill, which for healers is usually passive.

Short answer - Don’t use healer-heavy defense teams on attack boost rounds. If your opponent understands the nuances of the attack boost, they won’t be afraid to attack your healers and will get the easy points. At least, that’s the scenario my alliance hopes for as we chew right through them :smiling_imp:


Makes sense!

As a rule of thumb do you usully set a number of healers, for example 3 for certain type of wars, only 2 for attack boost wars, etc?

Honestly, we have several players that don’t have deep benches, so we use what we have. For those that have the heroes, we try to do 3 healers at the front and attackers on the wings for non-attack boost wars. That gives some hitters to help protect the healers.

I personally always run at least 1 healer regardless of the war type. I find it helpful keeping my hitters alive.

Not sure that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the excellent advice. We are passing it on to our players. Hopefully they’ll remember to change them agsin for the healing and arrows wars.

Do you change your attack strategy? I’m always torn about how many healers to take, especially in the energy boost war.

My alliance is a semi-casual (aka we don’t have strict rules on hits, etc) but we do communicate well on who’s hit, how to approach teams, etc. We also have to work with what we have as not all players have enough heroes for 6 teams.

That being said, the way I personally attack varies depending on the war type. These are a few things I do:

  1. I always take 1 healer. This is mainly because I’m still building my teams, but also because this is an attacking team so I need to attack. Once I get more options I will likely find some scenarios where another healer would be useful.
  2. For attack boost rounds: When I’m going against a healer- heavy team, I generally take a team 200-400 power under my opponent. This varies as some healers like Delilah can actually do some damage. I’m in it for the long game. These won’t be quick kills as the healers keep healing. I throw tiles at one healer until I have powered up several of my heroes specials. I aim at one and hopefully take him out. Wash, rinse, repeat while using the open spaces to ghost tiles.
  3. For non-attack rounds, my team power is typically higher. I still have the 1 healer and treat it more like a raid.

Remember to use any blank spaces on the board to power up your heroes specials faster. Attacking a healer-heavy team can take a long time. Have patience. Getting your specials built up fast makes it easier.

Those are some basic changes I make. Of course there’s always tactics like color stacking, coordinating attacks, etc., but those are thing you can do on any war :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually some of my alliance buddies forgot to set the war defense. One member checked all of them and reminded them. So in our case you were right :slight_smile:

A new strategy is to game the point assignment system by making your 5 or 6 worst war defense teams use the Aif defense.

Instead of fielding their best team and losing 35 to 40 points per inevitable defeat, they field five level one 1☆ heroes, preferably with level one 1☆ troops. Now they only lose 25 points in their inevitable deaths and the extra 10 to 15 points are distributed amongst your much stronger teams where they will only be scored once or not at all.

It’s not new at all. It’s been discussed extensively. It allows you to focus multiple flags on the harder defenses for free.

Color stack and coordinate amongst yourselves and that should make the war easier to win rather than harder.


A simple fix would be to have the AI rank the presented teams, then check what the best team presentable by the bottom %25 could be and use that number to assign points instead of allowing people to cheat.

Then all-Aife strategy and all its variants have been empirically shown as losers. If you see it, enjoy the 5 points in your war chest. See my longer reply here:


You keep using the word “cheat,” as though there were some rule they are violating to gain an unfair advantage.

In reality, they are giving you the advantage if you coordinate. The rest of the kills are now worth more points for the same amount of effort.

Punch the tanks out, then take the teams apart. Even if it takes you a few flags to do it, you’re still ahead because you can just ignore the weak teams.

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I agree … It’s not cheating, it’s a strategy, not necessarily a good one. There was another thread that discussed how alliances saving all their flags until the second round was also “cheating” and quite a lot of discussion happened on that topic, too.

Perhaps we can’t actually call something cheating if the same strategy is available to all of us?


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