Alliance War - Defense Team

In the last Alliance War, an opponent set up a defensive team with only a weak hero, so we could harvest a maximum of six points.
He made more than 100 points in 6 attacks. Of which 70 points in a single attack. This undermines the meaning of the Alliance war.
No attack team should be more than 200 team strength above the team strength of the defense team.

No. Setting a weak defence team is a stupid strategy that you should defeat easily.


Thanks for linking to the Anti-fabian thread @Brobb.
It is getting slightly tiresome with all these new threads advocating or complaining that it is a winning/ unfair tactic…
It is a losing tactic, and thats the bottom line.

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Reduce his defensive team to a single hero is not a strategy but a lack of fair play…Already that the war is not interesting at the level of gains, why waste time doing this war?..

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Our defensive teams are automatically set up so this has to be deliberate on their part. I find it a waste of my time and effort going up against teams like this who, for whatever reason either are objecting to having to War or just frankly don’t care. Started a new Alliance yesterday. Within 6hrs we, 3 members, were matched with another Alliance with 3 members also. Fair enough … Until we saw their defense teams. One hero each and of course, one and two stars. I find this a waste of my time. Maybe a solution would be a way for the leaders, at the very least, to communicate during the War. Maybe a “chat room” that accompanies the War or, maybe just allowing the Alliance Leader the ability to withdraw his/her Alliance from the War Matching altogether. Just a thought.

L abbinamento degli avversari è sempre imbarazzante, sembra di assistere a Barcellona Vs Benevento… Così fa schifo e non c è divertimento. si può anche smettere di fare le guerre tanto si perderà sempre se mettete questi avversari. A noi fiora è andata solo così

I was happy to see 5-7 teams of our most recent war use this tactic. They didn’t have teams strong enough to fend off our heavy hitters as we demolished them. Easy victory for our team.

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In the penultimate war, my alliance tried that. The whole thing is a loser strategy and after we won every war we went totally bathed with this strategy!