Alliance war defense points

Would it be dumb to play a weaker defense for the wars so the opposing team scores less points…thoughts

Do you mean your team, or all teams in your alliance?
Your team - that depends on the power of your team. If your team is weak already, using even weaker team may be a good idea.
All teams - that would be really dumb strategy. That way your opponents might kill your whole alliance many times over. They don’t even need very deep bench!
The smatrest steategy is to field the strongest teams you can manage, and hope your opponents don’t have enough good teams to flip the board more than once.

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Yes, it is dumb. An alliance tried that on us and we reset the battlefield 6 times. They had a handful of very high defences and the others were low. Feast time.

That’s what I tried explaining to my team but they can’t comprehend it

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Maybe it would help to explain to them that the total number of points available in the war is always the same, regardless of individual team powers of the alliance. An algorithm divides the points up amongst the alliance teams according to team power, but the total remains the same.

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One thing to remember is that the total points available for a team is always 1500, so no matter how weak you set your defense team, the sum total for defeating all the teams will always be arnd 1500,with some rounding off errors. So setting a weaker defense team will mean you are making it easier for the opponent to score those 1500 points and also possible multiple resets, enabling them to score those 1500 over and over again. :slight_smile:

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It’s 1000 points per alliance+ half bonus, so 1500 points for clearing the complete field one time.

It’s not team power…its total hit points of all heroes of the team…not team power.

Example: 2 players per alliance

Player A 3000 hp all heroes
Player B 1000 hp all heroes

so together 4000 hp’s…player A has a ratio of 3000/4000 = 75% and player B has a ratio of 1000/4000 = 25%. These percentages transfer to the given points:

Player A 750 points for killing him
Player B 250 points for killing him

(+half the bonus) So its 1175 for player A and 375 for player B in total.

Last war we came up with an alliance providing 2 teams unleveled 1* heroes.

YES it’s dumb. (though we lost the war…but that was NOT the reason)

Look for a new alliance…seriously.

Ha, the funny thing is I actually knew it is based on hero hit points but somehow still fell back into a previous misconception. Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:

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