Alliance war dead enemy keeps reviving after being killed twice

If all the other war enemy defence teams were ghosted that means they had already been defeated and only that one team was left. Defeating it would have generated an instant revival as all teams were defeated. At that point all the teams would be available to hit, including the team you just defeated. That is normal.

If the second time you defeated that team resulted in an instant revival of the team when none of the other enemy teams were defeated then that is NOT normal.

The war is not about defeating all enemies … it’s about getting as much points as possible. And therefore the defeated enemies reappear after a certain period if time or when all of them have been defeated and none is left. That is better for you, because you can attack again straight afterwards and don’t have to wait for the reappearance.

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Now that is the reset I observed from the log.

This is where it appeared to be a bug, killing the that same team a second time almost immediately afterwards should not cause that same enemy to revive.

Perhaps you should file a report with support

How to contact Support

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards),

giving them all detailed info.

I feel this thread is desperately lacking screenshots of both teams/sides as without these it’s just going in circles with presumptions never really knowing or understanding what the other one means.
a) As we all know there are more than 1 hero that revives heroes on a team
b) the talents can also resist hits and although they appear dead revive on the next turn

Since most of these effects only happen at the end of a hit/turn it is easy to mistaken or think that you killed a hero and then because of the end turn affect that hero comes back into play.

So without screenshots and knowing each heroes talent skills this is all going nowhere.
You can’t just create an issue and expect it to be solved by say things like (his hero and my hero) as every hero different.

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