Alliance war crashing mid game

The Alliance war seems to be unstable at the moment as several members of my alliance have had the game crash before the fight has finished and the result is that you lose that flag, and enemy casualties are reset (I.e. any characters killed come back to life) and no points are awarded. Investors just experienced this in the alliance war between my guild (the end of the world) and our latest opponents (Escuadron 2.0). I was fighting ‘Ivka x2’ when this happened and lost out on 51 points for my team. Developers you need to sort this issue out fast.


@nicktanis My Alliance (Oklahoma Regulators) had the same exact issue come up in the most recent war (ended Sunday, June 10th) Two of our most powerful players were dumped out of their war battles with zero points. At least one of them is playing on an Android phone. Not sure about the other one. I am on an iPhone, and did not experience the issue.

Our team is so frustrated by this bug! Hope the Development team can figure it out.

Clearbrook :-)))

Additional data: at least one more player who experienced this is on an android device: a Note 8.

4 of my colleagues in the alliance had the same, connection error at the time of the war and 0 points, that made us lose the war because the difference was 150 points, we no longer want the war, many mistakes, it is trust faith

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