Alliance War - constant mismatch

For the last 8 alliance wars we have been constantly outclassed by alliances that are far stronger yet the war score is saying we are matched.
Take this recent war that has just finished with a final score to them of 3150 to 2510.
Their strongest player had a team of 3800 with the next 8 averaging teams of 3500. Out of the entire 19 teams they fielded the lowest was 2484… That (2484) is around our average team score. We only have 2 players over 3000 (3128 & 3017) and we have several low level players with teams less than 2000.
On the first part of the war our entire 19 teams were wiped out in under 3 hours (I came on about 2 hours into the war and we were almost wiped out then). At wars end, they still had 45 war energy left amongst their teams and had almost wiped us out again.

Even though we are constantly mismatched we ensure we go down fighting. We know that we won’t win a straight fight so we concentrate on making gaps so we can build up our mana or another player can come in and do the same until we either kill a team or weaken it. I always check what I’m going against and who to concentrate on but sometimes the board doesn’t play out or you get a combo which fills their mana (the last war I went up against someone with Justice, I tried to keep away from him but on my 3rd turn a massive combo filled his mana and he 1 shotted my entire team).

Now before everyone comes on to say I’m moaning please understand I’m not. I’m not saying that we should go into every war and wipe the floor with the opposing team, that would be boring and unchallenging. What I am saying is that the war matching system needs to be looked at so you can at least go into a war thinking that you have at least got a chance instead of ‘oh well, another beating coming’.

As an alliance, we are a good team. We are always hitting the Titans and competing in wars but everyone agrees that the wars are becoming unwinnable to the point of not competing in them.

I think you’re approach to this is rather refreshing. Other do whine and complain about it.

SG has done a lot to perfect war matchmaking, but unfortunately I think it doesn’t benefit the alliances that aren’t completely full.
My only advice to you is: try to fill your alliance with 30 players, I bet that would even it out a bit more. Keep working on your hero benches and use these wars are a learning curve, try to figure out the opponents strategy and test out different strategies yourself! You’ll get there eventually!

P.S. Justice is a 'she’:wink:


P.S. Justice is hard as nails :joy:

We have a full alliance but there are some that are still under LV 12 and can’t compete in wars yet. Those that are just starting on wars we encourage them to use their war energy and we try and make holes and weaken teams for them so they can gain experience.

One thing I didn’t mention was Field Aid but that would be moaning… It just seems random. Hit them 3 times, field aid, hit them once, field aid. I’ve lost many a match to field aid.

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Lol, so did I and I’m in a top alliance. Field aid is the hardest enemy aid to war against.

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My alliance have the same problem for more than ten wars in a row. Our opponents average defense are 200 point above our average defense. We had nine war losing streak because of that. Luckily we manage a narrow win today as one of the opponent’s top player bizzarely do not attack even once.

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