Alliance war clarification

I have a question about alliance wars. I have been operating this whole time under the assumption that all teams had to be illuminated before the board would reset all of the teams to be attacked again. Is that not correct? Can the board be flipped without another team being attacked? We are in a war right now where my defense team got attacked once. For not many points and still shows the damage. My teammates have been eliminated and now have been reset for attack.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking but:

Teams have a respawn timer. Each time a players defence team gets killed, a timer starts to it’s respawn. Each time it is killed, this timer gets longer.

The entire board will reset if all players on a team are killed at the same time. If there is even 1 hero surviving, the board will not reset.
What I mean by “reset” is that all teams will come back alive to be killed again. Note while this resets the respawn timers of every instantly, subsequent killings will still result in a longer respawn timer

Hope that answers your question?


So you don’t HAVE to kill every team for a shot at the other players. I always though it was all or none. Thanks for taking the time to respond

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Just to add more clarity, you respawn after death for 6 hours the first time. Then it’s 8 hours. Then 10.

Do you see the pattern? :wink:

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