Alliance war cheating


I think I’ve seen 13 months, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

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Finding some possible contenders (unaided by my lack-of-sleep inability to understand complex topics like how calendars work — thanks @pinkymadigan for the wake-up call :smile:)

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Am I thinking about calendars incorrectly or are you? It’s been a long day, it could be me.
I don’t think those are contenders.

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I typed my notes wrong, sorry. Editing…

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I got a notification that you linked me here @zephyr1 I don’t see how! Or where :thinking:


Hmm, I’m not sure, maybe from the post I edited if one of other threads I listed incorrectly was yours.

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There are several alliances who ,cheat" in wars by using lower heroes in their war defense teams to fight weaker alliances and this is not fair. For eg, there are alliances with players having 4k defense teams ( and probably a big hero roster with strong heroes) who set 2.5 -3k war defense teams to obtain a smaller War Score. This leads to an unbalanced war, ,legit" alliances who have 2.5-3k war defense teams(strongest heroes of the players) can’t win these kinds of wars.

A player can use a maximum of 30 heroes for 6 attacks in a war, so I have an idea for a new matchmaking system for wars.
First step, each player who participate in wars should select 30 heroes to use and 5 of them must be in the war defense team, with no possibility to use other heroes than these selected. And the War Score should be calculated based on the selected heroes.
After the war started(second step), the player should be able to select another 2-3 heroes to use( for various combinations, if he has more than 30 heroes). To avoid ,cheating", there should be an algorithm for selecting heroes based on all heroes he has( for eg. mean power), something that prevents the player from selecting 2-3 weak heroes at first step to obtain a lower War Score.

Finally, the matchmaking should be done based on the alliance War Score. :grinning:

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I agree. People are using this way every time as possible to fight against weak ally.


I’m struggling to understand what you are saying regarding “cheating”. If an opponent fields weaker teams, that’s a great scenario. It means you could potentially clear their board several times.

The match making is already done by using the war score.

Sorry if I’m missing your point.


To prevent anti ethical play style on wars, some systems should be installed.

  1. Every player must select 30 heroes and only 5 of those heroes can be selected to make defence team before or during match to another alliance.
  2. After defeating one player, respawn time must be equally to quantity of heroes selected to “defence team”. Example: 5 heroes defending have 2 hours to respawn and if put only 1 heroe must repawn after 24 mins (24mins of delay per heroe).

Yes, you missed it. I specified that the war Score would be calculated based on the selected heroes.

At the moment, the war Score is calculated based the last war performance( last war defence teams). So you could clear the board several times if your alliance is the first enemy after their change. Their second enemy will be an alliance with weaker players compared to them.


I’ve merged this into an older thread where the “cheating” was explored. Short answer:

Alliances that put out weak defenses are foolish, and you should run up the score mercilessly to teach them that lesson.


This is not what i’m trying to say, here is an example to understand their unfair strategy: our alliance has only 3* defenses and these are our strongest heroes. Their alliance also has only 3* defenses but besides these, they have 30 5* heroes, fully grown. How to win this kind of war?

Give me another short answer. :grin:


What is their War Score, and yours? This sounds like a huge mismatch.


The team you set as your defense has no effect whatsoever on your war score.

The war score gives extra weight to each player’s 5 strongest heroes, whether or not those are selected as a defense.

So if you don’t use your strongest heroes as your defense, you’re actually making things easier on your opponent rather than harder.


How do you know this?


I got it now, thanks :grin:


Well just been curious why is not based on 30 best heroes instead of 5? Too big numbers for algorithm? Or something


We’ll, it is based on 30, not 5, strongest heroes.
How do you know that several players in opponent’s alliance have 30 5*?

Setting a weak defence team does not influence your war score in any way.

Just trying to understand the confusion😀


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