Alliance war cheating

Let me fix that for you:

Very rarely, a raid defence team might be similar to a Top 5, though we’d never be able to tell, and in any case Top 5 will itself be a very poor measure of war strength.

I’m in favour of smart data collection, not silly data collection. If you argued that we should collect the names of alliances involved in wars, because alliances whose names begin with the definite article were likely to be stronger in wars than those whose names do not, that would be approximately as silly as believing that aggregate raid defence power has some relevance to war power. It’s trash data - all noise and no signal.

Worse, as I’ve flagged multiple times (without reading a response) it carries the danger of being systematically correlated (positively or negatively) with immeasurable factors that are genuinely determinative of war power, thus driving fatally flawed conclusions. This is what researchers sometimes call a ‘retraction mill’ - easily available but useless data that leads to unfounded conclusions, which have to be systematically retracted when good data is uncovered that reveals the truth.

No. They. Do. Not.

You seems to struggle to grasp this and I honestly don’t know why. The numbers we have tell us nothing whatsoever about whether it is a good match up or a bad match up. That’s the point. The numbers we have are utter garbage and tell us nothing.

Let me fix that for you:

This matchup appears to be perfectly fair.

After all, these alliances have the same Titan Score, more or less.

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What if they did a three part conditional matchmaking? Two alliances are a good matchup for wars if…

  1. They have roughly the same amount of members
  2. The total power of the strongest war defense teams that can be fielded is equal for both alliances, meaning scoring opportunities for points is about the same (This is Top 5)
  3. The total strength of their rosters over all usable war flags is identical (This is Top 30)

This means that alliances with the same membership size, top 5 hero strength, and top 30 hero strength would be matched. It could be a good matchmaking system, but I am hesitant to say it is ideal for these reasons:

A) Although the incentive to trash heroes 15-30 as a winning strategy for wars no longer exists as opposed to top 30 alone, @Brobb and myself might still be concerned that there is no longer an incentive to level up more heroes because having a deeper roster is no longer an advantage as soon as the top 30 approach comes into play.

B) In the middle tiers, homogeneous alliances could become disadvantaged because they would be matched against heterogeneous alliances with a mix of super strong targets that can barely be dented and other super weak targets that can easily be pushed over, but for little rewards. The winning war strategy becomes kicking alliance members who are too good in exchange for noobs to use as bait in wars. This is probably not good for the game.

Because of all the cheating i decided to leave the alliance i was in so i dont have to do the wars anymore, I started my own alliance in wich i wont put up a team for war, i realize this sucks for the matched ennemy but i dont see another solution at this point.


Ask your alliance if they’re ready for war before you go in… talk to your team and tell them if they don’t have 30 heroes to fight with , to opt out of the war before it starts. That way they’re not in there for the match making. You are matched up in war based on trophies and team score which means fighting Titans does count. If they opt out before the war begins, you will not be matchup based on their score. You get some loot win or lose. It takes you longer to open a chest when you lose all the time but you and your team members will get experience and have fun doing it. Remember it’s just a game. If you really want to help solve your issue read everything you can based on it. Helped me a lot watching YouTube videos and reading forums. Take care. Hopefully this helps a little bit

You made some useful observations, thanks!

One small clarification about this:

This used to be true in the first version of Alliance Wars, but now matching is based on War Score, which takes neither trophies nor titan score into account.


That is true but the war score is based on Titan battles ,trophies, and production of previous wars. it may all go into a war score but it still is based on those three things

No. It absolutely isn’t based on those things (except past war performance). Please check the 5 June update and more recent updates.


Like G mentioned above, it hasn’t been based on cups or titan score for a very long time.

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Well I’ve been all over the internet reading what was sent to me and Reading other things and based on what I’m reading. This only tells you what they added on. from what I’ve seen if the war score is based on the alliance score somewhere down the road those three things do come into play. and I haven’t read anything to says that they took it out and it don’t come into play anymore

That link I posted is the official changelog from Small Giant. Take a look:

5 June

Further matchmaking improvements, matchmaking is now based on:

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the Alliance

25 Sep

The wars are back!

War Chest has been updated. Alliances now receive 5 points for a victory and 1 point for a defeat. The chest is unlocked at 25 points.

  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes the best troop of each element into account.
  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes previous wars into account. It may take a few wars to see the biggest benefits.

The part where it says “is now based on” is the indicator that the old method isn’t used anymore.


So basically they made a bigger issue. So now we have members of our team leveling up 2 Star and 3-star heroes just to fight all their flags. So no matter what your best five people are, now the other team could have three all the way level up teams to back up their strongest team and you wouldn’t even know it. And I really don’t see how it goes by just that what they sent. When you look at the scores of the alliance’s on the battlefield, the score you have the score they have. I’d say they’re pretty even. Some categories higher than theirs some categories lower than theirs. why should the categories in the scores if it has nothing to do with the battlefield??

Supposed to say why show the categories and the scores if it has nothing to do with the battlefield

The algorithm compares the top 30 heroes of each player. So if you have mostly 2* on the bench, and your enemy has mostly 5*, that’s going to produce very different war scores.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here. Are you talking about the defense team powers being similar? Which categories?

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Go to your battlefield click the question mark beside your team that says score. You will see it say The alliance score isn’t tied to the war score but the alliance score is based on trophies in Titan battles but there’s a note at the bottom that says the alliance scores on used for war matchmaking so like I said somewhere down the road the trophies and the Titan battles are involved and it says it right there on the battlefield when you push the? Beside your war score

It says the alliance score is not part of the war score. It is only used for matchmaking in the war. It clearly states that the alliance core is used only for matchmaking. And in the alliance part it says the score is based on trophies and Titan battles

which language are you playing the game in? Because this definitely isn’t true for the english description.

You’re misreading what it says. The “it” refers to War Score, not Alliance Score.

Oh! So they did cut it out you are right I was misreading it. You just totally blew my mind thank you. Glad you could clear that up and I can move on to the next step


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