Alliance War Cheaters

Calling it what it is.

When we were assigned our opponent yesterday for AW they had 21 members then right after that they shot up to 29 members and jumped about 11,000 points over us in alliance score, this is not suppose to be able to happen according to the notes in update 1.10.4.

Release Notes (1.10.4)

This update includes various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Alliance Wars

Preview how many points can be obtained when defeating a team.
**Players can only participate in the war if they were in the alliance before the preparation phase started.**
Immediate revival when all the alliance teams are defeated
Player level required to participate changed to 12

They purposely dropped players then rejoined them to gain an advanted against us.
This should be an automatic LOSS to the “Nightmare” alliance of Russia.

I submitted a ticket right after the prep phase started warning E&P of possible cheating and sure enough that is what has happened.

This shouldve never happened in the first place according to the patch notes.


If you’re not in the alliance during the match phase you can’t participate, we had one person leave by mistake during prep phase and now they can’t War

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thats what im saying, somehow they snuck those players in after it started, we should be playing someone even in alliance score not these cheaters who have actually over 12000 points on us.

Spelling it out a bit more. So what if several people joined the alliance, can they fight in the war? Wait until war starts and see how many defenses the other team has.

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No, the game picks opponents based on their alliance score, once the prep phase starts only those in the alliance are allowed to fight in the war but thats not what is happening. those who join after the prep phase starts has to wait for the nezt war accoroding to E&P’s rules which is the right thing.

People can join after preparation time for titan duties but not for war.

Count their war players.
How much are they?


So what is the problem? They didn’t cheat, since those 8 players have no effect on their team. Who cares if they give 12k more alliance pts if they aren’t involve in the war

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They are in the War. they are not suppose to be in the War.

It’s impossible. I tested myself both leaving an alliance before preparation time and after.
Even re-joined after a couple of minutes, i can’t take part of war.

So or it is a bug, or they rejoined before preparation time and change their defence team from very bad to good after matchmaking.

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I dont know how they did it but they did, thats why im here raising hell about it,

Could we get screenshots? One that shows a members profile where we can see hehas joined after prep. And then that same members defense team on the battlefield?

only screenshot that is available is one of how long they were in the alliance, which matches up by the hour that prep started, which really doesnt prove anything, the only way to prove it is on E&P side of things, they can see the timestamps down to the second. they rejoined right after prep started but teams are picked before prep, so by doing what they did they were able to get a lower score alliance, which in turn should be an easy vicktory for them, cant stand people like this.

How about the screenshot of their def team standing on the field. Just to be sure :slight_smile:

Look here:

Click, then look here:

You can look up their names on the list and see if they have made any attacks (and when).

Alternatively, you can look under Top Attackers, if the first list is confusing. :slight_smile:

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It appears the problem has been corrected. Thanks to whoever.

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With the glitch that had everyone in spectator mode this time around people were able to slip in. If things were normal this round it wouldn’t have happened :slight_smile:


Yes, its the glitch that happened, we have more people on our opponent team, than it was on spectator mode glitch )))

Hope, next time it will be ok

No, it isn’t impossible - happened to us in the last war - albeit, it was only one person. I posted it, but there was not reply from devs… But that person joined after the prep started and was included in the war.

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Update. they went from around 21 players when PREP phase started, when WAR started they had 29 people in the WAR, theres 5 hours and 38 minutes left in the WAR and they have dropped down to 23 players. So, not sure if E&P has been removing their players or if theyre just dropping, they have 30 members in their alliance, most of which joined in the last day so maybe the DEVs snuck in and righted things.

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Lucky you if the developers removed them. We had an opposition that had 19 players join in the 24 hours before the prep phase. The other 9 members had joined in the previous week and 1 member who had been on the Alliance 140 days (so not a new Alliance!) Supposedly they were matched with us based partly on their titan score even though most of them couldn’t even have been involved in a titan fight. Naturally we were thrashed and left demoralized.
This is the fourth war we have been beaten by an alliance circumventing the rules and at this point 6 members have decided not to renew their VIP pass. SG are now loosing money due to this situation…

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