Alliance War chat with Opponents

This is a 2 sided blade situation. It could result fun moments but if we actually look at the reality of internet, it is surely going to be extremely toxic.


Absolutely. The forum itself gets toxic at times, but that’s what we have moderators for. I haven’t seen any moderators for in-game chat. Perhaps they lurk in global somewhere? But I avoid global. Alliance chat is up to leaders and co-leaders to moderate. War chat would be a total free-for-all and would almost certain become toxic.

It’s very rare for two teams to fight each other and still respect each other.

For the record, I do respect most of my former opponents. Except for a few that I believed were playing dirty (hopefully that issue has now been fixed).

EDIT: and also probably fair to point out… I’m sure some of our opponents have thought that we were playing dirty because we saved a lot of flags for blitz attacks in the end.

We certainly did not mean to deceive them, it’s just a coordinated attack strategy we like to use. Apologies to them if they thought we were just holding onto a bunch of flags with no intentions of using them.

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Agreed and it would be extremely unfair to ask moderators monitor chat while they are volenteer’s

That is a strategy many alliances including us do, i fail to see why would anyone would call that dirty. The only alliances i don’t respect are the one’s that are newly generated ones in past.

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Yep, that was the issue I was mentioning (alliance resetting).

I believe they have finally fixed that issue. I haven’t seen any newly created alliances in our most recent matchups.

As for the waiting until the end to use all flags strategy… I think it probably annoys some of our opponents, because they go to sleep with a 3000 point lead and wake up to see that we attacked them dozens of times while they were asleep, and now they’re behind.

We all play in different time zones. Either way, both teams have a 24 hour window to use all of their flags. Use your flags before you go to sleep or use them when you first wake up, or use them after you get home from work, or whatever. I don’t think any part of the world has a definitive time zone advantage in that respect.

Would be fun to chat with the enemy alliance during the wars. Mocking, taunting, all of that make it more fun. Will we have disrespectful chats and angry twats? Of course. But then, this could be an opt-in feature for the alliance. Can we have that?

We can’t have nice things.

There are several instances where another alliance will put a racially-charged Insult in the War in their description. Meanwhile, SG bends over backwards to censor not only silly words, but every permutation, derivation, alternate spelling, cheeky work-around and otherwise goody representation of regular phrases that even the most prudish person has uttered at least once in their lives.

As much as I REALLY like the idea…

And I’m saying this as a friend… we live in a world where the well-intentioned are out-shouted by the rest. Where a few bad apples spoil the whole bushel.

Your best bet— if you are lucky enough to be deep in the community, and find an alliance that meets your language, to use the message to invite them into General Chat (in game) or another chat, exchange line IDs and set up a Chat Room in Line.

You could also put up a forum post if any of the members are on the forum, I always love reading the moderated banter and seeing the war hits: WAR ROOM: The Light of HELIOS v. The Darkness of BATMAN DARK KNIGHTS

I’d also be willing to share my Line ID if you want to continue the discussion.

But I am not willing to lie to you and say there is any chance of this ever happening.
Anyone that tells you differently, has a below 90 IQ, believes the boards aren’t random and thinks that SG intentionally holds certain heroes from them.


I can’t stop laughing!! Help!!



I do agree with you… That’s why I suggested as an opt-in feature for the alliance. This could even be a perk for the alliance (Alliance Perks)

But then there would be posts complaining… “These guys joined our war chat and insulted us, called us names and acted like bigots” all over the forum.

Sadly, even with a voluntary option, the devs aren’t likely to implement.

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I couldn’t disagree more. Personally I strive to reduce the level of douchebaggery I’m forced to encounter in life, the last thing I’d ever do is purposefully invite more of it.

If you both use Line you can ask the opposing alliance leads to set up a war chat in order to share videos, banter, taunt, etc. IF you do decide however to go the blue route, ensure that both sides agree and any boundaries are laid out ahead of time.


I guess there will be a lot of insults in such a situation.

Then your alliance could simply opt-out of the war chat :slight_smile:

Or you could just do it with Line like everyone else does :slightly_smiling_face:


I was not being sarcastic, dude. Why oppose to a feature you would have the option to opt out? “Use Line like everyone does”. Lol, which “everyone”? Never heard of it and I’m pretty sure 80%+ of players didn’t as well. C’mon…

I wasn’t being sarcastic either. I’ve played games with built-in chat between opponents, it sucked and I’m glad we don’t have it here. So much easier for it to be a non-issue than trying to get 30 people to agree on opting in/out. As it is, if five people want to participate they can, and more power to 'em, but at least the rest of us don’t have to deal with it too. It’s win-win as it is, and incidentally there is a huge community of this game on Line, you might find other reasons to enjoy it too.

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We use Line App to communicate with the opponents as it does make wars so much more fun, type in the description box your line id and they will find you if their interested. We also send each other messages through the description panel as well.

Having said that if the chat box in the war room was made available to both parties to communicate, it would make things so much easier than having to constantly change the description message each war and go though using an outside app.

Those that don’t chat won’t but at least the rest get to enjoy the added fun there and then.

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