Alliance War chat with Opponents

As the AW displays the chat box within the AW field wouldn’t it be nice to be able to chat with that opponent during the 24hr AW period.

What do think?

It would bring a new interesting feel to AW’s

I do not think that this is a good idea.
You never know whether the people will be nice or not.

Some alliances make a War Chat line group, if the leaders of the two alliances know each other. Such a war chat is always pleasant and friendly. Nobody would be unpleasant in such a chat. The leaders are on friendly terms, ya know :wink:. I have very much enjoyed such chats.

But with total strangers? Who can write whatever they please, to some other total strangers? Never ever. You never know what they are like. No thank you.


i wonder if we could get a war chat between two clans
how interesting that chats would be :smiley:
or would it be to messy lol
in the battle tab section …

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There is a big negative point to do this however: language barreer:
" Omg my french alliance is discussing with a russian one".
Yeah this could be a problem, unless a few peoples know very well english.
Unlikely to be added in my opinion

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English these days is universal and more people than you may realise understand it especially those who are on the internet a lot and game players.

And those that speak it will learn fast.

Having said that. I feel a chatbox during wars would greatly improve participation and would keep players on longer. Using language as an excuse is a copout excuse as you have general chatrooms which anyone can go to.

We started chatting with war opponents through the description box and they reply the same way, and the involvement from both sides has been amazingly more fun and and exciting and one was rude or disrespectful.

War chats is an enhancement this games needs to help it reach greater heights in player involvement. This and the fact that being able to see the actual war battle as it is happening as a popup option or a replay of it are 2 things greatly needed in this game.

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Great idea - maybe.
Not gonna happen though - IMO.

Do you mean toxic in a good or bad way?

Always in a Bad way.

Well it only goes to show how nieve you are about others around the world m8.

I deal with people on the internet by tbe hundreds from probably most countries around the world and other than the one or two idiots ( no different to real life as there always going to one or two of those) in general the majority are kind and are no different to yourself or me wanting the same goals in life.

For anyone to presume others are lesser than themselves is to live to total ignorance of the real world.

Really? - stop, just stop.
Look - time to be REAL here - you allow PvP comm in a battle/war setting, you’ll get about 60-75% toxic (in a bad way) comm and the remainder, sure, good clean fun comm.


The vast vast majority of PvP dialog between opposing forces is going to be pure venom. That has nothing to do with world cultures it has to do with internet and gaming culture. The country of origin does not matter.

You want people shouting at PG13 players … “Kill yourself” … “Filthy Casual” … “Go play fortnite noob” ??

And you know those are the NICE ones, the other ones are cursing, slurs, etc.

Have you never played online games before???


Nieve, so do nieve you have idea.

LOL. I have teenages that play games everyday abd as i said i deal with people from all works of life.

We also chat with war opponents as I mentioned earlier and came across others being rude.

Your comments are just a perception if people who THINK that everyone who isn’t the same are bad people.

Just like the law m8 where your innocent untill proven guilty, don’t categorise everyone as being rude or unfriendly until proven orherwise.

Judging others before you get to know them is what creates wars m8 and your presuming that playing games where everyone just wants to have fun is about insulting others and that’s just a childish nieve statement.

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Oh don’t be shy m8, I am telling you your the nieve one.

The games that have these issues your talking about are games that have hackers who can manipulate the game by using mods and create mischief within the game. And like I say to my teenagers, either accept it or leave the game.

This game has protections against that happening.

I guess generalizing others to be cruel and bad before knowing them is so much easier than believing that others from all walks of life are no different to yourself.

Keep in mind that the majority of peoples playing this games are adults. (18+ )
all of my alliance members are adults… Im the youngest… (20)

so we might not encounter maturity/toxicity problems often.

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100%, All members are adults as well and I might add that some of us aren’t just employee’s but managers and business owners.

Would it be possible to make a separate chat for alliance members on both sides of a war to talk to each other? A couple of wars ago some of my alliance members happened to know some of the members from the other side. We started a chat room in Line to that we could talk and share recordings of the battles.

I’m out of votes, but would appreciate this suggest. Can’t believe nobody voted.

Would be very nice to chat with our war opponents.

Probably you need a thick coat for it, but it has to be a funny thing.


A proposal to enter a game chat of war. It is a pity that there is no possibility of communication and greeting. Many clans are friends with each other and when they meet in a war, the opportunity to communicate would be very pleased

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The problem would be sportsmanship and harassment within these chats. It happens…