Alliance war bug with hyu

I never experienced anybody scoring alot of points beating me in alliance normally worth a little over a 100 points.I seen a player score almost 300 fighting me twice in the same war.please fix this.thanks for your time.

@Yugioh10 from your description what I think you are saying is:

  1. Your team is typically worth around 100 points.
  2. The same opponent killed you twice in the same war.

Did I get that correct?

If so, I don’t believe this is a bug. Instead, what I believe happened is this:

  1. The board total for each alliance is worth 1,500 points. This is distributed between all participating members of the alliance, with stronger teams getting more points. The points assigned to each team are affected by:

    A. A team getting significantly stronger and therefore earning more points.

    B. More or less players participating in the war. With less players on the board, there are less teams to divide the 1,500 points between so teams will be worth more.

My guess is your alliance has less players participating in war than in previous ones. This would account for your higher-than-normal team points.

  1. As for the player killing you twice, it’s hard to tell WHEN he hit each time, but it appears he hit you once, waited for you to regenerate, and then hit you again. This is normal as many players have several high-level attack teams.

Hopefully this helps :smile:

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did i miss where they decreased the total alliance worth from 2k?

@Rigs That changed several weeks ago when they halved the bonus points for a kill. That took it down to 1,500 instead of 2k.

Definitely not as easy to calculate :unamused:

oh ok I’m a little slow lol

Its possible but I wish they change it to being for your team to be completely destroyed twice.this is a new experience lol.thanks for the comment

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