Alliance war bug! [SOLVED: timed out]

In last alliance war i attacking enemy with the same team power like me - about 3500 tp points. War with field aid! After round end of time - I lose , but I have 5 living heroes in mine team , with almost full HP , the enemy - 2 live heroes . WHY I LOSE the battle ???

Connection problem or time out maybe?


Time out , but i have 5 live heroes , my opponent 2 . Why I lose?

Time out is an automatic loss, unfortunately.

It happens to me if I get distracted during raids fairly often :unamused:


Because you didn’t kill the enemy.

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If enemy has more living heroes than I have , then - OK , enemy win . But if I kill 3, enemy -0 ?? BTW he use field aid , I - not ! This is bug!

It might not be to everyone’s liking, or what would happen in a ‘real’ battle. But it’s the current rules, not a bug.

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Well, that’s the feature, no bug. Field aid is only for the defence. Also, if you don’t kill the complete team, you loose.

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Well ,but I lose only for " time out" , if i have more 10 minutes , then I’ll kill all of enemy heroes . He don’t kill ONE of mine . F****** game !

If you have already killed 3 of their heroes and you’re running out of time, hit the flee button. You will at least get points for the 3 that you killed, and their defense will only have the remaining 2 heroes left for you or someone else on your team to attack again.

EDIT: I should specify, use this method ONLY for wars. Fleeing a normal raid will result in a total loss and lost trophies.

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There’re lots of circumstances like this in real life contests from failing to bowl out a team in cricket to filibustering a political process.

It’s a shame that there isn’t more of an explanation or warning in the game.

The reason is, I assume, that if it came down to ‘who did the most damage’ after time out, I could do one good hit and then just sit back and wait to win.

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Well, in war it doesn’t matter if you loose or the time runs out, every attack that doesn’t kill your enemy just gives you a partial amount of available points.

This field aid feature is really annoying, I ran in this twice this war. Rigard and Ariel left + field aid is pretty hard if you have lost a sniper…

Field aid definitely complicates wars. Really hate it when I’m stuck in a healer vs. healer battle. At least in a normal raid, as the time starts to run out, you get attack boost and have a chance to pull off a good enough tile combo to kill them. In a field aid war, however, there is no attack boost, and sometimes you just have to cut your losses and flee at a certain point.

It sucks, but I just remind myself that my opponent is also dealing with the same thing. :man_shrugging:


This has happened to me on two occasions where I ended up duking it out with tiles and won one with 25 seconds to spare. The other time was my alliance members and I wasted an embarrassing number of flags (14???) trying to kill Kashhrek and Wu Kong buddied up in one corner. It was a disaster because that alliance didn’t believe in communicating.

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