Alliance War: Anyone else having a hard time?

I know it’s simply anecdotal evidence, but everyone in my alliance seems to be having difficulties attacking where before we’d roll through opponents. Even going in with 200 higher tp and doubling against the tank, I left with 4 slightly damaged heroes on the board.

Is anyone aware of an unannounced buff to war defense teams? It certainly feels like defense teams are tougher. Does anyone else feel like that’s the case this time?

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Same problem, I’m usually play 3-2 teams:
1st match, I got 4-7 shields/tiles in the colors that I used.
2nd match, I had 15 rounds without getting a single tile/shield on the board that matched my team colors.
3rd match, a cleanup of 2 heroes
4th match, cleanup with 3 red and 2 purple heroes (Marjana, Azlar, Boldtusk, Proteus, and Rigard, all of the heroes fully lvled) against Alby and Joon… Of course I lost?!
I’m still contemplating if I should throw away my phone, just quit playing this game or at least do the best for my team and use my last 2 flags before I do anything else!

I attack a base (3000 TP) using my team that have 3000 TP, I use 2 green stack because the tank is blue. Got utterly destroyed due to bad board, only scratching the tank…

Then I attack again with 3* mono green team (2400 TP), the initial board have a lot of green tiles… won it easily…


In 2 other attacks I also got bad initial boards, still got lucky and won one of them while putting a huge damage on the other one.

Bad war day for me.

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Same here, over 600 dmg points more than opponent and losing, pathetic.

We haven’t noticed a difference. One of my profiles did much better than the other one, but that’s quite a common occurrence.

We had some good boards this war, if I look at the fewer number of players complaining about having bad ones.

Sometimes you can just have a bad war, In spite of your best efforts.


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