Alliance War Aids is so unnecessary!

I think the AW aids is so unnecessary! Why not just pit alliances against each other without all this BS aids!? Would be so much more fun to see who the victors are, toe to toe!


But it’s NOT toe to toe!

The attacker is armed by human wits.

The defender is armed by AI.

And the AI of this game is generally weaker than the human wits.

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hence they opt for the war aid…stupid!

I agree. As attacker we are crippled enough because we can use each hero only once.

Why is it stupid?

I agree it’s a simple means. At least they’ve replaced the predecessor, the dreaded Revenge Attack of Doom ™, with three different rules, so there’s variation now. And the rules have been made a lot less harsh. So you have an easier time in AW now.

I’ve done fine going toe to toe with equal team strength opponents last war. As opposed to when we had the Revenge Attack of Doom ™ where I’d aim for 200-300 team strength lower.

They could have done it differently, they could have built it in, improved the AI under the bonnet, and would that really be better? More sophisticated, true. But you’d be facing a bolstered opponent without knowing exactly how that was done. As opposed to the simple solution we have now in war aid: you know exactly how and when your opponent will get their advantage.

I’d rather have a simple thing that I can strategize against than something hidden in the system with a ruleset that I don’t know and can’t deal with.

Ironically I think that’s one of the best design decisions made in this game. I’m fielding heroes in AW I’d normally rarely use, perhaps only as double/triple of the strong color versus a titan. I’m trying to make do with combinations I’m totally unfamiliar with. And I think it’s loads of fun!

Also, your attacker, the opposing team, faces the exact same restrictions.

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It should be even simpler… It should simply test your mettle/strategy versus the defense team you opt to attack. Period!

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I agree also that using each hero only once is a good design. Just those aids are unnecessary because I have to make teams who are weaker to begin with.

He tried with 300 and didn’t go well :rofl: (bad puns war started)


And that is where you start working as a group.

If I take on a team that’s too strong for me to fully defeat, I single out a hero of the opposing team and take that one out. And leave the rest for my alliance.

Or I wait for someone else to sufficiently weaken a team so I can finish it, or weaken it further.

I’d actually like it a lot more complicated: both players at the board, actively attacking/defending. Now -that- would be a true test of mettle! True multiplayer. That’s how it should be, if I could have a magic wish granted.


The aids aren’t a fun addition, is my point here Bertus. It makes the match feel seriously unbalanced… The challenge is not the issue, because with the aids its impossible to formulate a working strategy to take down teams worth any good points.


It’s not impossible to formulate a strategy to take out ANY team with ANY of the aids. You just have to work with someone else in your alliance. It’s teamwork. Not a collection of individual scores. That’s what I like about it.

I also like that it’s more than just simple raiding. The aids help the weaker teams from being 100% farm points. Now there’s variation from just the revenge arrows, and attacking is even easier than before. Both teams face the same thing.

I suppose it works for some… :slight_smile:

It definitely takes a different strategy than the Revenge Attack of Doom ™, which was all about hitting as early and as hard as you could or you’d be dead.

I’ve had decent success against “aid” with a combination of simultaneous buffing + debuffing + hitting hard. Because of the arrows being replaced with the aid, you can actually risk spending more time to delay the specials until you can fire them all at once. And risk relying on average/slow heroes more.

A combi like Isarnia/Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus, Boldtusk/Brienne/Kiril and your favourite hardhitter(s) works well for me. But true, YMMV.

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I will play around with different combinations a bit…thank you for the insight, suppose it will just take a bit of getting used to and until one finds the right approach. Good luck out there mate!

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PS: I still dont like the aid :rofl: