Alliance war - advice opt in/out

Need help on this one please. As team leader I have opted the alliance out of war but want to know

  1. If I opt back in can I view the team who has opted in/out for war before the prep?

  2. If the individual opt/ in/out has been made + I the team leader opt the alliance out of war can I opt the alliance back in later and the settings of each individual remain the same?

If your goal is to only opt in on easy opponents the answer is no, once you are matched you are dedicated, the war will happen when the countdown expires. If that is the case you should remain opted out indefinitely, no need to answer the 2nd question.

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No my goal is not to opt in and decide what team is good to play then opt out if not.

The goal is for those team members who want to play just to have a look/try it out I will opt alliance in, but I want to opt out of alliance war and want to know if the settings remain set. When those who are ready to play again later I can opt back in and anyone else does not have to opt out/in again.

All of this is for training for members just to see what its is/get the feel/strategy we are not the sort of alliance who can commit to wars on a regular basis just want a look in.

I am experienced war player have been playing war from beginning but this is my second account and I am team leader but we do not war, but option to do basic training is what I am thinking of we are not hard pressed/competitive just want to learn when we can without obligation - we not out to win.

Look, if you are just casual and not serious you do realize that you all get loot as long as you each spend a flag. People have reported 4 star Ascension mats from war losses. If you are training your alliance you might start with the free loots train


I agree that there is no consequence to losing a war, so why not just try it with whoever wants to? They will gain experience and there can be no harm done.


My thoughts exactly loot is not a goal nor is winning gaining experience without the alliance being committed to on going wars.

I know, personally, if I were in an alliance that was opted out of war altogether I would leave for an alliance that was not. In my opinion it is extremely selfish for the leader to opt me out of free loot no matter how minimal for any reason when it requires more effort on their part to opt me out than to leave us in. It’s spiteful.

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Thank you for your contribution Tyler.

We have had people leave cause people didn’t read “we do not war” as advertised during recruiting.

You can create an any alliance under your condition’s I have spoke the truth from the beginning we do not war.

My decision is respected by the team that is the reason they joined “no war”. The team are still thinking about just as training not on going.

Thank you for taking the time to express over your opinion.

Io. Penso che il capo gruppo debba avere il potere di far partecipare chi ritiene pronto. Per la guerra se no. Tutti per curiosità partecipano senza sapere cosa sia la guerra. Epoi per. Quanto riguarda gli eroi io. Sono. Sicuro che non. Avrò mai. 5.stelle perché purtroppo io non ho possibilità di spendere soldi sono. Invalido.

We now war this is an alliance decision we war on Wednesday only as most have busy weekends, this suits us all.

Been doing this since February we have opened one chest and our 2nd chest is 23/25. We have 28/30 members who participate we are unable to get a full team participation but are happy with our alliance war effort.

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