Alliance war adding other alliances for ultimate alliance wars

Hello! Wouldn’t it grand if we could add other alliances,(probably max out at three) for a major alliance war? Could be another war to be added with its own rewards. Would also be awesome if we could have new items created to capture titans. Would be a great addition if the whole alliance could help the titan level up and compete in the new major alliance war. Perhaps each alliance could have their titan on the battlefield helping assist with the war. Maybe two types of titans could be created. One for defense and another for offense but only one to represent each alliance in war. For example, during normal alliance war we have the healing feature or arrow barrage added in war. How about a titan assist with their special abilities added to benefit the alliance battles? Think this would retain and help attract potential members retention due to the titans being permanently staying with the alliance even if they decide to leave. It would build stronger unity and retention because everyone will be able to contribute to the titans leveling up. This new addition to the gameplay would also be cool if you allowed open forum for all three alliances to openly communicate among each other and strategize the major alliance war.

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