Alliance War 1 or 2 hero teams

So when will SG take actions against this? Is this normal?

I suggest for anyone who uses a Def team in aw less than 5 heroes to be automatically disqualified or better yet make them give a significant amount of points.


the next major update this will not be possible (version 1.12).


May I ask: Why?
I mean, what is wrong about different strategies?
And this one is, as has been elaborated on in the forum at length, a rather stupid one.
So why forbidding strategies?
Or, asking from the other side: why not just have a random generater decide the outcome of the war if all strategies that are not ok with some people are anyhow banned?
Don’t get me wrong: I have been against that special strategy from the beginning. Because it is stupid and easily countered. And at the moment I still have a 1 defender team, because the Aliance consens was to use a version of that strategy. And I am a team player … and way too old to do all that typing on a cell phone that would be needed to convice some people about the “worth” of this strategy.

But all this aside, and this is a real, serious qestion: why banning a strategy?

Further, it realy makes no difference if one uses a single hero, or 5 1* heros, or … whole Aliances decide to use only one definding team at all (or none).


Nonsense! That’s far from being strategy, imagine everyone using 2 heroes in their Def team, that’s ridiculous. I’m shocked anyone would encourages that.

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Why everyone? Say, weaker players use this approach while stronger players provide full teams. It makes sense.

How would weaker players have weaker Def teams variations in this case if that happens? You don’t make any sense

I’m still not sure why everyone thinks this is such a horrible strategy. Done correctly, in a case where just a few (1-5) players have way weaker teams than the rest of the alliance, this can be very effective. When you do it with any more than that, it will loose it’s advantages. My Alliance could very well do this, but in reality you are telling a few players that they are too weak to hang with you, which is just plain mean. The rewards have not proven anywhere near enough to alienate alliance members.


It makes it very un-fun for the opposing alliance, to have to spend a non-trivial amount of their flags on garbage opponents.

No one wants to be the guy who has to waste one or more flags on crap opponents.

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I’m not sure I understood your question.

This completely shatters the idea of solidifying your bench in preparation for Alliance wars and I don’t think SG wants that :wink:

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I would’t say for everyone. Many players don’t have full set (30) strong heroes. So they gladly use 1 or 2* unascended teams to take out those single hero defenses. It’s better for them than don’t participate at all even having flags, or trying to attack strong defense for 1 or 2 points.

I’m with you in this isolated situation that you mention. Say you are a core of 25 long time, well built teams and 5 newer folks. I can see the angle.

I don’t think it is worth the risk though - a smart alliance leader knows to not waste hits on these teams and there’s always the bench variable that is unknown (we had this done to us, we smoked them because their top teams weren’t tough enough for this strategy to work).

PS - I do not approve of this but see the angle why some alliances do it.

A weak player from my team would be forced to attack the strongest Def teams because the weaker players from the opposing team did this “strategy” you mentioned.

Good thing I don’t really care what SG wants then, right? Nor do I care how much fun the other alliance has. This is War! (and all is fair).

Also - I don’t encourage this strategy for a different reason. It’s just mean to weaker players on my own team.

It’s painfully clear what SG wants to encourage with the Wars, and that is everyone spending more money and resources to develop a deep bench of heroes. This was a hugely requested feature in the game, but absolutely no one would have voted to not be able to re-use heroes. That’s an SG money grab, which is understandable considering they are a for-profit business and don’t exist just to entertain us.

You could develop your bench without spending, obviously through grinding,i don’t see the complaining.

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building a bench can be done just fine with tc13 and 20. teams of 3 star 50s can be effective damaging teams of 4 star defenders.


Yes. They have a choice: either attack those single hero defenses or try luck with stronger teams. I like this alternative.

Yes, it can. But it’s a matter of time. Weak players are usually new players. They don’t have high level Stronghold and TCs. So building even a bench of ascended 3* is a problem for them. They spend all their efforts on ascending first rainbow team.

Yeah, this, of course, is completely true.
There has been a problem: the high paying players were reaching full top teams and less reason to spend money. Solution: AW -> you need 5 more full teams. So lots of possibility to spend money again.
Of course, SG doesn’t want that strategy. Nobody would argue with that.

But, just for the argument of “having the opponent wast precious flags is a poor strategy”: This really makes me wonder in a huge ■■■. If this would really make the opponent waste flags it would be an awesome strategy.
And if you would really be wasting flags for those teams, then full (1*) teams would also be a waste.

The are only 3 reasons to attack such a team:

  1. there are only such teams: congrats, you have already won before starting to fight
  2. all other teams have been beaten: congrats, you are already far in front
  3. you can’t take on any other team … well, be glad there is such a weak team for you left, or wait for aliance mates to weaken another team
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it’s just gaming the system in a way that wasn’t intended. literally every competitive league in existence would remove this type of system gaming. Thus, it’s being fixed.


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