Alliance vs. alliance action


Please add some kind of alliance vs. alliance action. Wars… challenges… whatever. Would add depth to the game and prevent my brains melting because of all the grinding.


Alliance vs Alliance, this is a great idea. I think in the future it must be somthing like wars.^^¥


Hi, Alliances wars would be great. I hope these ideas will help defining Wars or even encourage other players to improve them:

  • First match determined by current ranking
  • 24h long battles, where each member can attack once or twice to the rivals they choose. The points for the attack could be the number of heroes killed. A second attack on a player would only add points if more heroes are killed. Once all five heroes of a rival are killed that rival cant be attacked any more until next war. This means alliances should plan and organize their attacks, strategy would play its role.
  • Next matches could be determined by a mix of previous battle results (war ranking) and current alliances ranking.
  • Maybe wars could last 7 days, wich mean 7 matches for every alliance, and final rewards to the members of the Alliances would depend on final war ranking.
  • If 7 day wars are defined monthly, in the future different events could be also defined for the rest of the month to allow alliances to get bonuses for the war. For instance bonuses could be 1-5% attack, defense…
  • An Artificial alliance could be required to solve the case of an odd number of alliances. The Artificial alliance could randomly counterattack once for every attach received.
  • A registry of attacks dealt and received by the alliance could be available for every alliance.

Well, this is just an idea, I guess other people and developers could improve it. As I said, I hope it helps.



agree - if this is in the works great - if not it would be worth looking into - but, if you go this direction - to keep the game enjoyable for players that are big spenders and non big spenders, placing the alliances into groups based on their lvl - that way a team starting out does not get clobbered by a team that has been around a while.

so the alliances would be ranked by division:

then withing these divisions - the alliances would be grouped into groups of teams - something like 20 teams per group -

then between these 20 teams - one alliance can declare war on another alliance

THE divisions would reset ever 7 days - so if your team gained enough points you move up - if not you stay put, or move down if you lost too many points.

the DIVISIONS: the higher the division the higher or better the loot is (from titans)

just an idea


I agree… see my post


The idea of Alliance Wars does not appeal to me one bit. I see this game in a very different light. The idea that I already have to deal with Raiders is enough. But to have my alliance drug over the coals because some top 10 alliance needs a few more points to move up in the top ten just does not sound like fun at all.


but by having separate divisions and levels within the divisions, that should eliminate that, or at least reduce it so if you just want to play and not battle that would be okay.