Alliance "Training" Raids


It’d be nice if we could choose to raid folks in our own alliance, so that we could more easily see which hero combinations work best in attacking and defending. Players could get feedback from their friends, too, as to which combinations work best.

Such raids could be for “training” purposes and would not effect trophy or hero chest counts. It’d be nice, too, if they did not require the use of flags, giving players something to do in-game as their world and raid and alliance flags replenish.

If there is ever an alliance versus alliance component added to the game, this “training” feature could greatly increase the appeal of and the preparation for such battles.

Thanks again for listening.

All the best,

Friendly revenges

The germ of this idea was already mentioned here:

I believe your purpose is different though… :wink:


That is MY post. Unless theres another 1 just like it. Or the link didnt
bring me to the right post. I thought i had checked to make sure no one had
previously suggested it.


Well while we’re at that, claiming who’s the first to put this idea on the forum… :wink:

(I also tried to check nobody mentioned it before me, but doubt I was the first as this was a semi-compilation post which wasn’t too useful in hindsight).


Hey! Great minds think alike! :grin:


I still like the idea of being able to battle your own teams. Since we have 3 teams. It would also solve the issue of finding holes in your defences.