Alliance topic in forum



Is it possible to use a topic for my alliance? For various topics concerning the game Allianz intern …
In FAQ I did not find anything


btw the community could grow if more alliance joint.


I don’t think it’s possible to get a topic on the forum for your alliance.
LINE Chat is a very good alternative (even though everyone in your alliance has to have it but then again they have to sign up here on the forum too to use it).


Sorry for my bad english, maybe i mispronounced myself. I would create a topic named with my Alliance name, perhaps in the foreign languaga category, as it is a German alliance


There is an alliance recruitment forum, if you attach your tags it should be fine.

Global discussion is also a great place to recruit.


Thanks, I’ll try it after the first ones from my alliance have signed up.


Alliances I’ve been in use a messaging app, like Discord or Line, for internal discussions. For recruiting, either use the Foreign Language or Recruitment categories here.


It’s also a way to get to know an app. I’ll try LINE. Thank you.


Better to use an outside app. The forum is not a place for alliance interna, as everyone can read the forum threads.