Alliance Titan Time Items & Gem Options – Speed Up/Delay Titan Arrival, Extend Titan Timer

Had a thought the other day which may interest some and provide an added income gain option for SG.

In events when your team dies we have the option to purchase gems to continue the battle. Has come in handy a couple of times for me I might say.

But how about the same option for titans and if not all for at least the rare ones.

Buying the gems would restart the timer or even only give you an extra minute.

The rare titans are strong and tough and I don’t think requesting a little added help option like this would affect the much but add value to the battle.

Having it for every titan woukd just be a bonus at times as well.

Just a thought. Like it if you like it.

bad for game balance , -1 from me

keep the gameplay fair , gem only too boost your progress not to give advantage in gameplay


How is this different from a Titan flask?


The ability to buy it directly, it would seem.

I’m not a fan of that idea, personally. Titan flasks should be rare, and not available for constant purchase, in my opinion.

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Not much difference except titan flasks are hard to come by as you can’t buy them in the store and this would be an option for increased chances at rare titans.
Even if only gave one option at added time it would mean a better chance. Obviously it would also mean your heros are revived.

Boosting your progress is an advantage in the game.
What’s the difference with having a flask that allows you 3 extra hits and the option for 1 extra bonus minute with heros revived.

If you ask me the advantage is in the flasks. Not everyone would pay the say 75 gems for it but for those that don’t have flasks it’s a fair option/substitute

Flasking wont increase highest titan damage in your record , another extra time with gem will be

LOL. Ok that I agree with BUT please explain to me what advantage having the highest titan damage has again.

I get highest titan damage as others do and most times gets less than other places. Stopped for highest score ages ago as there is bonus in it.

Also what record is that exactly, other than it appearing in our message boxes until it disappears there are no records for individual player stats and if there is please tell me where.

Really don’t see what big big difference it would make to your score as anyone who would use this option would only be those close enough to killing it knowing they don’t have enough hits left and a minute will not affect the scoring that much.

why you need extra time if you have flasks ?

sole reason why need extra time are to increase your personal record of Highest Titan damage , if you tend to help kill Titan then just use Flasks.

LOL. Who said I gaf flasks, this is for those who don’t and yes I an one of those who does. LOL.

So I guess it’s the sole reason. Honestly is coming first your only arguement here.

I believe he meant that for making more dmg there are the flasks. If you want to do more dmg, use a flask. If you don’t have a glask, that’s because they’re meant to be rare.

Adding extra time for gems makes the flasks useless. Gems are not as rare, you can buy them. Which means you could give much more dmg than you can with using a flask. Because you keep flasks for when you really need them.

It would change the dynamic of the game. It would make it more pay to win. You already have means to do more dmg, the flasks

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