Alliance Titan Time Items & Gem Options – Speed Up/Delay Titan Arrival, Extend Titan Timer

Was thinking alliance level items would be a nice addition:

  1. Titan bane - keep a Titan away for one extra hour. (Common reward. 75 gems?)
  2. Titan treat - the next Titan arrives up to one hour earlier. (Common reward. 75 gems)
  3. peace flag - your alliance will not be matched in the next war. Each alliance member gets a random peace gift. (Uncommon reward. 300 gems)
  4. Rally the Troops banner - all alliance members get +7% attack against titans (rare reward. 500 gems.)
  5. Titan lure - extend the timer of the current Titan by one hour. (Very rare reward. 500 gems.)
  6. other random stuff I didn’t think of yet :wink:

Mainly I was thinking … man it would be nice to be able to keep titans on a particular schedule where they aren’t flying away at 0300 for alliances that are based in a particular time zone.

Titans do timeshift slowly on their 23 hour sequence so everybody gets a fair crack at them timezone-wise, but it would be nice to be able to nudge the timing for convenience and player availability.


Yeah heh ours was in a nice sweet spot for our mostly EST alliance. Now they’re ending at ~0400 and people are having to make some… uncomfortable… decisions haha :slight_smile:

Isn’t the end of the world, but it would be a quality of life kinda thing to be able to impact that potentially

Nice idea @Duaneski
Who would fire them off - just the leader?
Would there be a democratic system? Or you could weight it by rank?

My alliance, like many, has an infrequent or absent leader. So I’d like to think any alliance items could be used by co-leaders too, at least.

How about ideas for other alliance items:

  • Bountiful Harvest - all members get +10% food for 24 hours
  • Hit the Mother-lode - all members get +10% mining for 24 hours
    If you Build it He Will Come - all build times reduced by 10% for 24 hours

Ohhhh very good point. That would be very painful to lose all alliance items if a leader went MIA.

And I like the other ideas for items. I’m sure there gotta be tons of possibilities … :slight_smile:

@Duaneski may have started off the idea for alliance benefit items, but I think I like the ones in your post better @JonahTheBard. (Though the increased attack on titan for the alliance caught my eye…) Perhaps as part of the vague idea that Tim has for being able to donate extra stuff so that someone else in your alliance can benefit… (from the old Ask Me Anything in fall of last year).

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The title speaks for itself. My alliance is USA based and there are times titans show up in the middle of the night. It’d be nice if as an alliance we could pay gems for push back or speed up the ■■■án so it’s not in the middle of the night. I know it won’t happen but just a thought.

Your allience would more than likely have players from different time zones so having the leader change it to suit his time zone would affect others.

What if SG changed it from a 23hr turn around to a 21 or 22hr one.

This would fix your delema’s but also make it a weekly (there abouts) turn around over a fortnightly one.

I understand if my calculations are correct itvwould also add an extra titan further down the line every 9 to 10 or so days (again there abouts).

Having said that it would also affect the amounts of hits but so would your suggestion as well so both ideas even out.
The other option would be to alter the flag times to fit the new time structure which would bring it all back to the current structure but wirh a new time setting.

Itd be great to have a chance to earn the ability to summon a Titan early…for instance, the team takes down the Titan and there 3 or 4 hours before the next one would appear. Then, boom, hot the Titan “whistle” and it appears. Of course, it be a rare item…

The idea of killing a titan early/quickly is to allow time for flags to reset/refill.
Shortening that would make you have to let some if not more go because flags wouldn’t keep up.

Duaneski, I love your ideas.

Allow Gems to speed up titans but unlike buildings where you have to pay the whole amount, allow team members to contribute to take time off the titan.

Maybe a gem a minute for anything 2 hours 59 minutes or less.
Two gems per minute 5 hours - 3 hours
Three gems per minute after

As the time gets closer, it costs less to incentivise members to contribute.

Members will not be able to see who has contributed so they will have to make sure they are coordinated and communicate.

I’ve experienced too many missed titans spawning an hour after my bed time lol

Free gems for small giant.

Cool idea

I like this idea a lot


But SGG appears to be strongly against selling titan energy in the shop and this would be a sneaky way to do this since you could waste less energy.


SGG seems to love, and hate, titans. Because they are the #1 source of best loot it leads to mercing which leads to serious balance issues for a merciless RNG mobile game with no shard economy.

This would be a rare titan merc’s advantage since a group of rare titan mercs could join, speed up the titan, use their energy more efficiently, get rare loot, then move on.

23 hour cycle

The 23 hour titan spawn cycle is popular for global mobile games since time zones, and global alliances, can present challenges to a fixed spawn like 0:00 UTC.

This would seriously disrupt the 23 hour spawn cycle.


You can skip the wait times for almost everything else. Adds another gem/item sink for the developers.

100 gems 1 hr
200 gems 2 hrs

@Richter The ability to buy titan hits via gems is essentially equivalent to being able to buy flasks…or perhaps a part of flask, effectively, if it were 1 flag instead of 3.

A similar idea was posted just a few days ago, which initiated some discussion of the concerns related to being able to buy additional titan hits.

The idea in this other thread began with the premise of being able to use gems to extend a titan fight, but it was quickly pointed out that that was largely functionally equivalent to purchasing additional hits.

You might find this interesting, and it might be worth consolidating the variations of these ideas toward a more refined proposal:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

What I think is interesting and distinctive about your idea is the use of gems to advance the timer.

One can imagine using that more incrementally than just buying more hits. It might, for instance, allow a convenient shift of schedule to use a flag at a more convenient time, like before going to bed.

Perhaps if there were a limit/cooldown on that option, much like accelerating chests, the issues of P2W brought up by direct purchase of additional hits could be alleviated.

That said, your idea for pricing:

…seems to me to indicate some challenges.

At that pricing, it wouldn’t be worth accelerating a flag. The potential for better loot just wouldn’t begin to be worth it.

But at a low cost, it would devalue titan hits if frequent acceleration were allowed.

I’m curious if others have thoughts on any workable balance for those concerns. To me, it seems more likely to be problematic than beneficial, unless it’s limited to infrequent use for convenience of timing, and not for significantly increasing flags available per titan.

The gems would skip/lower the respawn time?

I don’t think it’s a good idea. I need that cool down to refill my titan energy. And even if I already have 3 some of my fellow members might not. If the titan start while they aren’t ready we might not be able to kill it.

Interesting, you interpreted this differently than I did. I assumed this was about gem skips for flag regeneration.

I agree, if it’s for accelerating titan respawn, that’s challenging to ensure people will have flags available. It would also beg the question who would make the decision, and whose gems would pay for the acceleration.

Titans are a team item. You face the same Titan together for the same range of time. This idea wouldn’t work unless all 30 players paid +100 gems (etc) at the same time.

Would be nice to get all tickets of a full aliance also if you are in a small one to have the same chance to kill stronger titans as well.

Buying titan hits would be bad.

Hi all.

I agree with @Rook that paying gems to increase the titans time is not a good idea.

When I proposed a time extension option of about a minute for say like in events where your given an option to spend 75gems to continue the battle thus offer the same for at least rate titans.

Alliences are made up of f2p and p2w players and each has an option.

Obvisously titan flasks aren’t sold and are hard to come by. The rewards for titans big or small from 7* up ate no better from one to the other no matter weather your top scorer or not. We toggle between 7 and 8* for the last couple of months and the rewards are no better in either or from one another. Out of 25 hitters o my 2 or 3 will get a mat and usually the same members 90% of the time, maybe they spend more who knows.

Being able to the odd rare titan using say an extra minute at 75gems isn’t going to destroy the game and as things stand currently it also isn’t going to increase an advantage at getting extra Mats.

The game frustrated players because they don’t have these options and options ain’t going to hurt the game for a chance at what is already not much at all but it will increase SG revenue.

Honestly it’s not if every player going to go crazy and spend wild on every titan. Not sure I understand those that frawn upon it the way they do making us believe it would the end of the world if this was done.


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