Alliance Titan Score Calculation

Hello Everyone,

We have a titan score of 116.500 and it is better than nearly all of the alliances in top 100. How is it calculated? We have been killing 14* for 60 days in a row, have top alliances not? Before that time we were at 12-13 most of the time and I am surprised with our score. Would someone please clarify this?

It says there that the titan score decreases slowly over 24 hours. So you get to a maximum just after you killed the 14* titan and then you reach a low point just before killing the next one.

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But still there should be a base point. When we kill the titan, it is 117000, before we get to kill another it is 116000. I agree with that. But where does the base 116k come from? How is it calculated?

Ah, sorry, I have no idea about the exact formula