Alliance Titan Bestiary

A complete bestiary for every enemy in the game may be too much for a mobile platform. But I wonder if it might be possible to implement a bestiary for every alliance under the Titan tab just so everyone has some sense of accomplishment or goal to work towards to?

Currently any form of data being tracked in regards to Titans is limited to how many Titans this individual player have already killed.

Every alliance working its way up from its humble beginnings with 1* Titan and up to 5* should see every lower leveled Titan available. Starting from 5* is where the variety begins to expand and to include Rare ones. I think it’d be a neat feature to keep a bestiary for the Alliance members to view to see every variety that it has killed and the ones that have not been killed (have a box marked with the shadowy Titan icon) will be marked with a ? waiting to be unlocked. Sort of like a Hall of Champions type of thing that is for alliance members only.

When you click/tap on the thumbnail of the Titan (can be the size of it as it appears on the world map). You can see the picture/name/special abilities name/brief description/lore (like those for heroes) and some stats that can be displayed could be.

  • Lowest * defeated
  • Highest * defeated
  • Total numbers defeated
  • Last defeated: (# days ago)

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