Alliance Team Titan Fighting Tips

I’ve been in one alliance since playing this game and we are a crazy family…and I love them all. We have members with 3000+ team power all the way down to 1400. Our team score is 51000+ (22000+ trophy and 29000+ titan score). My concern is we can never seem to get pass the 6* titan. The best we have done was 80- 85% defeated. Here are my questions:
***Are there any statistics that show the approx score (per team member) should get for the different titan levels?
***When accepting new members, what team power level would be a good minimum gauge?
***Has anyone heard any new information regarding “alliance wars”…Is it still in development?
Thank you in advance for your suggestions and thoughts. If you have any alliance team tips (or suggestions that I didn’t think to ask), please feel free to share.

Good Fighting!

For damage per player, just take the titan health and divide by 30 assuming 30 people will hit. For example a glacial mammoth with 1.346 million hp would need 1,346,000/30 = 44,867 damage per player across 30 players to kill it.

Your alliance’s problem is that you have too many people at the bottom with weaker beginner teams. A team of level 1 3* heroes completely unleveled is about 1400 or so. You’re never going to move up beyond 6* with those kinds of teams. Your gap in your alliance is too big to cater to both ends: the top end 3k+ plus is probably all 4 stars with 2-3 of them at tier 4 and your bottom end is probably someone with Bane and some 2s. To beat 6, you’ll most likely need most people in your alliance to have max or near max teams of 3*. unleveled 3s and 2s probably won’t cut it unless you’re really top heavy.

My alt account is in an alliance in a similar situation - in order to consistently get past a stream of 7*, we need the bottom part of the alliance to move up from 3s to mostly 4, even if only tier 3 lvl 60s.

So your alliance is sort of at a cross roads, like many, and needs to decide if it’s happy waiting for the less powerful teams to catch up (either through purchase or through building up training camps and training 3* and 4* heroes) or if it will move on without them and replace them.


Dslayer, the alliance I’m in, is stuck in a similar rut, only a little farther along. We can take down sixes fairly easily, but we exhaust ourselves on sevens and can only rarely bring them down.

Our prolblem is mainly one of recruitment. We’ve only got about 21-22 members and just can’t seem to fill out. Newer players join and quit, discouraged by their low damage on titans and unwilling to plug through and contribute what they can while they level their heroes. And veteran players (with teams over 3,000) are just really hard to come by.

If we could get a few regular hitters, we could probably get up to easily taking down sevens and eights, but it’s rough going trying to recruit.

Where is your alt stashed Dante?

On the thought of recruiting in general, been a rash of new alliances formed under the auspices of higher tier alliances (Nuts, 7dd, SW, probably others) which I suspect are consolidating a lot of the veteran players that are looking for a home.

To illustrate:

12/22/17 was basically when Seven Days Hunting was formed.
1/9/17 they killed a 9*

My alt’s alliance has similar awkward distribution of damage even though they’ve consistently been on 8-9’s for the past six months and just went back to back on a pair of 10*'s (pretty sure this next is auto-escape haha) to illustrate the difference… and the recent members there aren’t of the same development level as the ones in 7DH.

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