Alliance Team building idea


The game could really use some features for alliances to come together more.

So I would like to suggest possibly a bi-weekly event that will have alliance members really work together.

So here’s the concept I’m thinking of:
A sort quest event for alliances where every member can contribute one hero to.
Making up a 30 hero team.
Each member subscribed to the event could then battle in the quest 3 times with the 30 hero team trying to beat as many opponents as possible.
The quest itself would be a like the world stages but unlimited getting harder each stage of opponents with each 5th stage being a boss stage.
It would need a set of rules each time like the tournaments so you really would need to communicate well to create the best team possible.

As you will have 30 heroes I would put them in a matrix of 6 by 5 where all allies will only be the vertical and horizontal row.
Nearby allies would also only apply vertical and horizontal.

Please let me know if I’m clear enough with my idea.
Any suggestions to improve my idea are also more than welcome.

This has been suggested before, by myself included.

I feel this kind of event would work at creating alliance structure and team play.

Each event would only allow each member to have so many hits each from the selected 30.

Since not every allience woukd have 30 members it woukd mean it would need a match making system to keep things fair and equal for all.
Based on current delemers with new events that require a match making matrix to run it, this suggestion wouldn’t make the top of their list atm or if at all as there would be to much involved to maje it work right.

I like the idea though.

I know this would be a big project. So if this is considered at some point will take time.

Maybe we could put our minds together for a more feasible team building idea that can be implemented short term. :grin:

Just scrolled through the ideas you posted to find the idea you posted. Didn’t really find anything like this idea. The closest I found was an AW update to have some kind of cross member team in the wars.

To come back to the issue of not all alliances having 30 active members is not really causing an issue if you ask me you will just not be able to hit as many NPC as a bigger alliance but same issue applies to titan attacks.
In this case your 6 by 5 roster will just not be fully filled. So no big matchmaking algorithm required.

If I remember rightly it was suggested amoung another simular discussion but I myself couldn’t remember which one as it was a while back.

I well maybe not a new idea but hopefully enough people find it a good idea. I’ve also started supporting a different idea regarding Alliance War improvements.

So people interested in more team building within alliances should certainly have a look at [New Feature idea] Deeper mechanics in Alliance Wars: a complete proposal

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