Alliance Swapping/Score Manipulation is Ruining Wars

How long are we going to let this continue? It’s completely ruining wars. This is the 3rd war in a row we’ve been in where the Leader and majority of the enemy top 10 joined the alliance less than 3 days ago.

There are so many simple fixes. The easiest we came up with is simply attach war scores to the players. If you switch alliances, your score follows you. Problem solved. Or add a timer upon switching alliances. Switch and you’re out of wars for 10 days or say the next X number of wars. Delay their chest and it defeats ththe purpose you’re better off just staying put.

Come on SG…clean it up please!!!

Example from our current opponent. 10 of the 30 have similar last joined times while the rest have 130 days. They didnt just magically recruit 10 x 2400+ players overnight. Its freaking dumb:


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