Alliance Split and Rebuild - Learn with Me

Cliff’s Notes: We had a very nice alliance that slowly grew apart in wants - competitive vs. casual - so we split. This is the story of the rebuild, successes and failures, of our half of the alliance: Global Outpost

Fair warning: I’m wordy. I talk too much. I apologize in advance for that. No one wants to read a novel - at least not on a chat forum. But I’m hoping this will help some people in a similar situation, and allow me to look back and how we proceeded, where we screwed up, and where we really made the right call.

I had only been in 1 Alliance (285d) in my E&P play life. Joined them on my 3rd day and stuck with them all along. In general we grew stronger and learned a lot together often through dumb mistakes. Before I met them I became a member of the “fed my Bane” club, then struggled to catch up. They were patient. I was mostly f2p early on then began spending a little. Our alliance was active but casual. We gradually grew into a Top 500 alliance and occasionally popped into the Top 300. We were consistently over 5000k in War and killing 11* titans but we couldn’t get over the hump on 12*. We had several teams at 200k+ damage and a handful at less than 30k. At this point some wanted to push for more and that made others uncomfortable. Over a few weeks it became clear that we had about half & half in each camp. A few days ago one member announced they were leaving … that was the trigger. Private conversations began to happen - are we breaking up? Who is going where, etc., etc. I was asked to be the leader of the new alliance. Several wanted to stay together to continue building on the strength we had developed. Others felt loyalty to the existing alliance and wanted to stay. Overall it was a pretty friendly process, but no doubt feelings were hurt. It wasn’t intended by anyone, but it wasn’t easy either. We had literally all become friends over 200+ days. We got mad and squabbled like family, then apologized and slayed titans together. But it had come to an end. I contacted our leader and let them know I was leaving and why. Thanked them for giving us a place to grow and learn. …and was promptly demoted. Like I said - feelings were hurt.

I began to scour the forums for suggestions on how to best make this happen. We are truly a global alliance. Both in terms of geography and use (or non-use) of various social media platforms. I found that this link to the Guardians Reborn creation was super helpful (my thanks to @JonahTheBard and @Annieb for their life lessons). And after one final 11* kill I left the alliance and started my first ever Alliance. Thus began Global Outpost.

Over the course of the next 10 hours (some were asleep when this all went down) 12 members of the old alliance joined Global Outpost. 5 more in the next 2 days. We lost a great teammate who decided this was the right time to “go big” and he’s now in a Top 10 alliance. We lost a few more to the ether… If we weren’t tethered in Line or Facebook it was hard to let people know how/what/when/why/where… so many questions. I wish we had a better communication outreach strategy, but I also didn’t want to be the person poaching and killing our prior alliance. I’ll state why I’m leaving and where I’m going and let the chips fall where they may. Unfortunately with the game chat after about 30 responses your message is gone forever.

With a new alliance now officially formed and 10 members on board we faced our first challenge - the immediate appearance of a 1* Emerald Dragon. He was so cute he looked like a puppy. 88k of hp just waiting to be kicked. But we didn’t want to cut anyone out of the loot (or in reality the tally in the titan chest). Once again I scoured the forum… this time @Kerridoc provided the nugget I was looking for… that killing titans fast helps you get bigger titans sooner.. So we tried to thread the “let as many members hit the titan - but also kill him fast” needle. Our first teammate forgot to change his team… 43K damage. Oops. The rest of us switched to 3*/2*/1* teams. Even with unmaxed 3* an unfortunate combo run could do 15K damage. He was dead fast. Some members didn’t get to participate - only at this point did we learn that there was a 12 hour “cool down” after leaving an alliance - so none of us got a tally in the titan chest.

As this is happening we are also recruiting. It’s a difficult thing to do because our alliance looks weak. Only ~40k alliance score because our Titan score is 0. And trophy score of only 40k because we only have 12-15 members. Oh, and when someone does join they show up to find a 1* emerald dragon - not exactly compelling people to stick around. But one does. She joins, looks at the teams we have and not just the dragon we’re currently fighting. We explain the “why” and the goal. I doubt we’ll ever be active enough to be Top10. But I do think we can be Top 200. …top 100?? And she stays. Several more do not. Pop in - Pop out. Would have loved for them to stay, but understand that 1* titans aren’t everyone’s thing. I guarantee you they aren’t my thing.

Fast forward to last night and we get Titan #2. Another 1* - 88k hp. Like I said - not my thing. We set a 1 hour timer - only hit for 5k, no more, then let as many teams as possible hit. After 1 hour he was fair game and should be destroyed ASAP. I personally used an unleveled 1* team and still exceeded the 5k cap by a little bit. At the one hour mark one more hit and BOOM. Dead. 3 hours later our teammates from Asia wake up to a dead titan. No titan chest tally for them which was frustrating. Awkward timing means that the titans are arriving at 3am/4am their time. First family meeting of the new alliance. Do we kill fast? Do we wait for all teammates? Once again the forums help us. @Sarah2 provides the stats from her alliance which shows that faster really does work. Our team is on board. Losing a few titan chest tallies isn’t fun, but let’s kill them fast and move on from these 1*/2* puppies.

At this moment we have 17 members between Lvl 38-49. 13 of those members are diamond and the other 4 bounce back and forth between gold and diamond on a daily basis. Our designated recruiter is still putting out feelers, but we’ve slowed that process down until we get to some better titans and have more to offer to new members. In the meantime we’re going to continue filling Monster and Raid chests, keep kicking baby titans while they’re down and see how fast we can make progress towards where we want to be.

I’m sure there will be plenty of dumb mistakes in our near future - I’ll share them and I hope you can learn from them. Once again, great thanks to the other players (those I linked and many I didn’t!) who have shared their experiences on this forum. It really helped me figure out how to work my way through this entire process.


A fantastic saga @Sean949807

Wishing you and the Outpost great success as you grow.

Hope to see you on the field of battle some day!


Thank you for sharing this! Best wishes to you and your alliance.


The baby titans don’t last forever… it just feels like it! It gets easier :slight_smile: Good luck :smile:

Titan #3 was a monstrous 2* Night Dragon!! :wink:

At least at 242k hp he gave us a little room to hit. We picked up a new alliance member since my last post, and happily 14 of our 18 teammates were able to hit him. Again we gave him 1 hour to allow time for people to hit, then finished him off.

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Hey, if nothing else these little guys give me a reason to see why the E&P forum is so in love with Aife!! :smile:


Day 5 update - it’s been an exciting one! Now I know why my new puppy is so happy, yet anxious, every day. It’s all NEW to him!!

Over the past 5 days our Titans have gone 1*, 1*, 2*, 2*, and today… 3*!! :smiley: Once again, we gave our team a 1 hour window to get a hit in (we encourage them to get to “B rank” - roughly 14k on this guy - then STOP). After one hour I removed the cease fire and he was dead barely within 2 minutes. It’s still not perfect - only 15 of our 20 members were able to get in a hit due to sleeping or work. But it doesn’t seem like any one person is consistently getting left out so spirits are still good. I’m hoping we skip a step here soon, but we’re seeing relatively steady progress so people are happy.

Our Alliance score is still understandably (and laughably) low. Our trophy score is around 49,000 for 20 members but our Titan Score just now reached 3358. :laughing: The good news is it’s increasing significantly - but since it started at zero it’s going to be awhile. We were at 750 after 2, then up to 1472, then 2272… Steady progress, but it’ll be a long ways until we’re at the 65-70k we’re used to. But baby steps are still steps in the right direction!

Most of the anxiety and excitement today however is the result of the return of Wars. This is the first match for our new merry band so we weren’t sure what to expect. Between the alliance creation and the Developer “break” from Wars it feels like ages since we’ve fought one. And the composition of our new group is very different than our old alliance. Less spread in team power - so perhaps less team members that fall naturally into certain roles - cripplers vs. clean ups vs one-shot killers.

When our Match was finally revealed it’s an interesting one. They have almost double our alliance score, so are a more “mature” alliance. but our war scores at 282k are more or less dead even (good job SG). Making it even more fun our opponent “hides” their defense teams, or at a minimum they’re cup droppers - so when looking at their members we see Level 40-50 with 3500tp teams. And level 35 players with 3* teams at 1/1. …no way they have 282k war score with those teams.

The good news is this has created a flood of creativity on how to approach the new war. We’ve got tanks coordinated, and have a good idea of the relative strength of each members 6 teams. We’re going to attempt our old tried and true strategy from our previous alliance - but it’s yet to be seen if we’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole. I guess the next 24 hours will tell us!!


Thanks @sean949807 for continuing to share your alliance’s journey (nodding my head, yep we’ve there).

GOOD LUCK for the war. May the tiles be in your favour.:smiley:

3* Demon Lord today! 528k hp gave us a little more room to hit. More importantly he’s the first titan that “looked mean” enough that I didn’t feel like I was kicking a puppy. :smile: It’s still a bit of a ‘race to the bank’ for people to get their hits in, but the time zones are cooperating a bit more as he appears 1 hour earlier each day. We’re hoping to continue the “kill 2 - move up a level” progression although we’d certainly love to skip a level.

Also in the middle of war again which we’re all very excited about. We thought our opponent was “hiding” their defense but sure enough the same defenses popped up on the battlefield when it went live this morning. Sort of an interesting match I guess. Our “War scores” are almost identical but their highest TP defensive team would be the 17th highest TP on our team. So they are either applying some strategy that I don’t quite understand or this is just an awkward matchup. But as a 20 member alliance I realize it may be difficult to find “exact” matches. It also makes me believe there is some type of recent win/loss factor in the war score. So maybe because this is our first war we have no history but they are getting some sort of ‘bonus’ points for recent war wins. Their alliance appears to be 100 days old so I assume they’ve got quite a bit of war history under their belt as a team. If they really are pulling a fast one on us then they’re doing a really good job of hiding it.

@Sean949807 , still looking for new members?

Yikers I’m going to create a new post over in the alliance recruitment and I’ll tag you in that. @zephyr1 reminded me yesterday to please keep recruiting in recruiting and I’m going to try and honor that request (lest I get banned!). :smile:


From what I have read in discussions here, and as mentioned in the was score ? area, there are points for “past performance” altho how it is exactly calculated, I am not sure. So I think you are correct in your thinking.

War Update: Very odd war as far as I’m concerned. The opposing team (20 members like us) put up defenses from 3255 to 3750. Far below what we had. …but as I mentioned earlier their war score was the same as ours. I chalked it up to lack of war experience for our new alliance, but also maintained the paranoia that they were hiding something.

…early on we killed 13 members - they killed 5. Respawns and we kill 13 - they kill 5. Next respawn - we push for full team reset (and get it) - they do nothing despite seeing several of their members online. We reset them again - still nothing. There is talk among our members wondering if they have given up… Who cares? This is our first war as a new team. Let’s crush them. I finish my 6 flags with 478 points (fighting only 20 team alliances really helps you rack up the points!)

I go to bed because I’m a sleepy old man, leaving our co-leads in charge. At some point in the night the opponents make a push. Their leader - with a 3452tp defense one-shots 6 of our 4k+ teams. So he clearly has depth he isn’t showing. 3 or 4 other enemy teams make good pushes as well. In the end we beat them 6102 to 3969. It was never really in danger. …but it does beg the question to me - why hide the team strength? The total team “value” is still the same. They just made it easier for us to respawn them 3, 4, 5 times and helped us build a big lead. Maybe other alliances get bored and stop hitting? Otherwise i can’t see the strategic value.

And for more good news we made the jump to a 4* titan today (who ever thought I would be excited for a 4*!??). At 660k it’s a little more room for people to hit. They can resume using 3* heroes without fear of killing the darn thing too early. But boy oh boy has our group grown excited for the 1 hour - Go Get 'em! mark. It’s hard to hold them back. Once again, when we reached the 1 hour mark he went down in less than a minute. Now I can daydream about a 5* Rare! C’mon 5* Rare!! :blush:


Thanks @LadyAnesthesia. Not sure how I didn’t see that in the war score in-app description. I swear I looked, but I guess I looked right past it. After yesterday’s war we jumped about 30K in war score - but we also added a member before I had a chance to look so I’m not sure how much to attribute to the War victory and how much to attribute to the new member.

It’s difficult to really calculate accurately, and every time a member levels up a troop or hero, or pulls a strong hero depending on their roster, it can change. So it’s a moving target lol

We had a group of 5 friends join us just now so it jumped another 70k. Moving target indeed!!

Another, but stronger, 4* today - 726kHP. We picked up the group of 5 new members I mentioned above and 2 other single members since yesterday so communicating our less than fun strategy of just hitting for 25k and then stopping was challenge #1. Challenge #2 was that one of our long time members had a meeting and asked if we could extend the normal “one hour” window to 2 hours. So after a week of saying, “One hour then MURDER HIM” we had to say “please wait!” That message went un-read by some who were trying to hit on-the-sly at the office, etc. We were able to keep him alive for almost 1:36 but didn’t make the full 2 hours. It led to some low-level grumpiness, but nothing major. If nothing else it’s a great learning experience for everyone to read the Alliance Description/Featured message. We keep all our updates right there for everyone to see… if they take time to read them.

We also got our 2nd war matching today. Our war score was ~282K for the last war. Our current war score with the lopsided win + new members is 382K. Not surprisingly our new opponent seems MUCH stronger than the last. A number of Level 50+ (even a 61!) which is much higher than our average of about Lvl 42. But they also have a few Lvl27-32 and we have no one that low. Should be an interesting match. I guess we’ll see when it goes live!! Fun, Fun, Fun!! Now back to learning the roster of new members so we can coordinate tanks!!

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Cliff’s Notes: Dead bunnies, dead titans, war victories!

Day 10 Update! Yep! 10 Days! And no one has forced a coup to overthrow me yet! (Amazing really!)

Productive weekend for GO all in all. Springvale, Trials of Nature, Mount Umber, Rare Titans and War! Thanks for all the goodies SG!!

It’s always fun, and yet a bit of a challenge, to incorporate new members into the team. It’s a good lesson in patience and understanding - or at least it should be. What is meant as a joke from one person sounds like a criticism to another. We have members in Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Israel, Germany, Canada, the mainland US, Hawaii… (probably others I’m forgetting). We’re scattered to say the least. And while everyone is completely fluent in English the phrasing is a little different from place to place. Combine that with a barrage of questions from our existing members to the new ones, and at the same time we were trying to explain our war strategy and our short-term baby titan strategy, and it made for a few rough spots. But after soothing a ruffled feather or two we get a 5* Rare Unicorn - I love killing the angry pony!! Oh, and we have a WAR TO FIGHT!!

The Unicorn goes down in 1 hour, 5 minutes. 24 of our 27 members are able to get in a hit before he goes down. It seems our new members are prompt and responsive, even on Easter weekend. One of our old guard claims the farsight telescope. A few other 3* ascension mats drop. Loot is getting better! Baby steps! Now war in 5 hours!

As mentioned before, this war enemy was much stronger than our first. Long time players - the alliance has existed for 400+ days, versus 8 for us at the start of the war. 13 enemies above 3950tp, most of those over 4k. If we can win this one it’s going to be much more satisfying. We attack first - things go relatively well, then our enemy sprints out to a lead. We have people that want to attack back … they feel the need for REVENGE! But we remain patient. Follow the plan. Trust the plan. Easier said than done when you’ve never fought according to this particular plan AND you’re currently losing. We have one baby-glitch , but overall pretty smooth considering we’re integrating 7 new players into our team.

We attack according to the strategy. Kill. Wait. Respawn. Kill. It’s tough for people to know “their role.” Who attacks? Who waits? But the communication is good, questions aplenty, thoughtful answers and dead enemies. The fun part comes about 16 hours in. Our early targets are alive for the 3rd time and we push. Total kill & reset. Another total kill & reset. Now half of our alliance is asleep but they filter in after waking up and accomplish the third total reset. At this point it seems a foregone conclusion that we’ll win. Spirits are high. A short time later it becomes mathematically impossible for our enemy to catch us even if they accomplish a one-shot with every remaining flag. Ultimately it appears they know this as well because they leave 28 flags on the table. 5 more points towards our war chest. Our war score jumps another 10,000 points. Still small at 393k, but headed in the right direction. :+1:

In the midst of war we smash another 5* titan. To date we’ve had two 1*, two 2*, two 3*, two 4*, two 5*… I’m not smart, but I’m beginning to notice a pattern. If we killed them faster we might have skipped a level, or maybe got by with only one of a certain star-level, but we’ve consistently killed them all in just over an hour. We’re entering the point in the titan cycle where they’re starting to arrive early in the day for the majority of our members (in the US/Canada). Despite the fact that people may miss a titan, or at least have to get up early to hit the team votes to continue the 1-hour kill strategy.

At 5am (central time) the titan arrives, and sure enough, as the pattern suggests, we’re awarded a 6*, our first titan over 1 million hp since we formed the new alliance. B rank is now almost 42,000 so people can hit away a little easier without worrying about blowing past our designated stopping point. In fact, I’m actually able to even use strong heroes again! Kage, Kunch, Tiburtus, Merlin, Wu… One hit, no mats, 46k. Just about perfect. One hour in and 20 members have hit. With the Titan at 6663hp our 21st member shows up and finishes him off. 1 hour 10 minutes and another dead titan. …now tomorrow’s will arrive at 4am (!!). :sleeping::sleeping:

Like an idiot I forgot to look at our initial alliance ranking on Day 1. I think it was 70k-ish, but perhaps I’m making that up. I do know after 2 days we were at ~50k. After this mornings titan pushed our titan score to a (still miniscule!) 12,176 we have jumped to 16,697. It’s still light years away from where we want to be but it’s nice to see consistent improvement!

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Nice job, that seems like poor calculation on their part. Maybe they fell on the myth of putting “weak defense teams for less points,” which only ends up in defeat against smart alliances, as you’ve brilliantly shown.

I’ve enjoyed following your progress, good stuff getting up there with titans too :slight_smile:

Thanks @DaveCozy. It’s certainly been a learning experience. When I was a baby player I joined an already existing alliance that was already up and running. I gradually worked my way into more of a role with that alliance, but starting from scratch and feeling your way around in the dark has definitely been a bit different.

We also suffered our first casualty yesterday as we lost a member, and a good one. He had missed 2-3 titans in a row because of our strategy of “kill in 1 hour” and simply got bored so he returned to his old alliance. We were sad to lose him because he was a good guy and had a quality team. But we also knew this was a possibility. If it’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that we’re ready for bigger titans. Thankfully he chose to leave before our war pairing so at least we weren’t carrying the dreaded [ex-member] team on our roster.

Trashing a 6* in an hour (which we did again this morning at 4am central time-US) may be fun but it’s very short lived and not all that challenging. The combination of increasing ******s and the 4am/3am/2am start times over the next few days will likely lead to the titan staying alive a little longer. We’ve talked among the group to make sure they’re all still on board with the “kill 'em fast so we can get bigger fish to fry” strategy and they seem to be.

Speaking of our War Pairing, we appear to have gotten a MUCH stronger team this time. Their raid defense teams are 90% 3900+ with just a handful of weak sisters. It’ll be curious to see what we’re facing when it “goes live” but this appears to be a MUCH greater challenge. Perhaps this is SG’s RNG reward (maybe a come-uppance?) for our first two lopsided victories! Seems like anytime I get on a good raid streak SG likes to bring me back to earth with some crushing defeats… I hope that’s not what we’re dealing with here. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

Oh, and good luck to everyone in the Raid tourneys!! Here’s hoping we all get reasonably similar numbers of attacks against our defenses!!

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