Alliance skill

Hi All,
Not sure if this is good category.
I have an idea how to improve the alliance and build more social realtions with ppl.
Alliance skill like in some others games. People could participate and put materials in stock.

Alliance leader can issue the aliance skill using these materials
3$% attack
5 % better healing
5% more iron and food etc

  • private message to aliance member that could be very useful

You will want to separate your two ideas to get votes. (Private messaging is already an existing idea.)

Interesting thought!

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Every single member has to spend certain amounts of items and if reached, this member will get the alliance bonus.

That would be a way to prevent new members from having the bonus directly and also from alliance hopping.

To make swapping to friend alliances possible, the spendings should be saved for each player ever been in there.

To swap you’ll just have to spend the items once to each alliance.

That would also prevent misbehavior and exploiting.

I hope, that this is understandable. :thinking:

Agree with you, that will be great idea to keep ppl in aliance and they will consider every move

I also think that is a good idea :slight_smile:

Attack and healing bonus could imbalance the game. Maybe make the boni only active in alliance war. Or more general skill like

  • bonus exp when feeding heroes
  • reduce building time or costs
  • reduce training time in TCs

There are similar ideas in this thread

Nice thought but here is another concept to your idea.

We all collect as individuals food, iron, farming items etc.

Lets say the system automatically donates say 1% (example) of everything you collect as an individual player towards an Allience only chest.

Maybe even have an option to participate in the donation period.

Then once a month that chest gets awarded/divided up amoungst those that participated in every allience war, titan ir something like that. Maybe even top 3 or 5 titan scorers for that month.

Basically create an allience goal which the reward comes from members if that allience.

Even a weekly one would be a great incentive as an opportunity to collect other items.

If it’s about helping lower leveled team mates then make the goal something like (the player that lost the least amount of cups during that week) meaning then your defense team needs to be strong. This might even reduce the amount of those that leave weak defense teams up.

Rules, must have been in the allience from the beginning of that week and be there for that whole week to collect rewards and must have been raided.

Doing something like this removes personal choice as to what gets allocated to the allience chest as well as removes anyone choosing who gets anything as only those with good cup results get a part of the reward.

Also brings into the game an interest or reason to playing for cups .

This idea atm is a little muddled up and be cleaned up with some input but you get the idea.

But it all goes towards allience skill in the end