Alliance Siege: A new alliance event with huge strategy potential

The basic idea here is to give alliances another form of event with a new kind of strategy that wouldn’t require a lot of new coding for the developers. In alliance siege, the game would have a castle that we would need to attack as an alliance. The castle would have different components (gatehouse, guard towers, etc.) that small , sub-alliance teams would have to attack.

Each castle component would have defenders (monsters like in a regular level) that would need to be defeated to get to a treasure at the heart of the component (crafting items in a guard tower, recruits in the main wall, etc). Members of the alliance subteam would get to capture the treasure in each castle component. Thus, the gatehouse might be more difficult to defeat than a tower, but would have better rewards.

The castle would have phases and the success of subteams in defeating the first phase would determine the difficulty of the next phase, thus allowing the game to require multiple teams from each player to get through the whole castle. Spend all of your best heroes getting through the outer wall and then have a weak team for the boss in the throne room? Your choice. Put the best players all on the toughest component or split squads into more and less experienced players? All part of the strategy.

Of course rewards would improve as you attempt more difficult parts of the castle. Rescue the prince with the epic ascension item from the high tower or save the hero that becomes an epic hero token from the dungeon. You get the idea.

As with wars, there would be six hero teams per player to tackle six zones of the castle, roughly defined as outbuildings, storming the wall, atop/through the wall, inner courtyard and buildings, storming the keep, main floor of the keep, and towers/dungeon/treasure room. Of course, there could be different castles for different elements with strengths and weaknesses based on the element. Dark could have a Morclovia castle, green could have the fairy queen’s tree, etc.

To further spice up play, some of the “monsters” could be passive castle components, like walls that have to be “killed” before one could get to the monsters/guards behind. The defenders could lob rocks and arrows and have specials that would be things like boiling pitch while attackers could have heroes with ranged weapons (like the archers) able to shoot past the castle components while others (like ramming pulverizers) might have bonuses to weaken castle components (I pity the headache Tiburtus will have the next day).

There are plenty of ways this could be taken. It could be adapted as a new form of alliance war, but I hope the general idea is appealing as another way to bring alliances together to strategize in more interesting ways.

I wanted to dis the idea because of the name - alliance war is two concurrent sieges at once, since on the battlefield both teams would have the same conditions.

But your idea is very interesting. Instead of siege I would call it a Dungeon, because that’s what it is in other games. You go to a location with your team and wipe everything out to get rewards.

This could be like a alliance quest. I guess it would be great to have different wings in the dungeon so there could be several concurrent raids without two players killing the same monsters.

I wouldn’t make it a 6 flag event, though. I would either use world energy, or give them 10 flags with an hour recharge rate and have the stages cost between 2 and 8 flags.

The problem with this idea is another need for alliance organisation. The wars and titans take a lot of time of real life already.


This is an amazing idea, my friend…really AMAZING!!!

Sounds a lot like mine - Alliance PVM challenge

lol. Its a game. Organize yourself… Nothing it’s too much in a game unless you make it.

I really like this idea. There are some things that need to be done, dusted and debugged before work begins on something like this IMO. These include the (very overdue) hunters lodge, Alchemy lab and supposedly heroes academy.

After these things are done this would be a great idea. I hope to hear some creative ideas to expand this thread. For me personally I would like to see the idea be more of a series of several waves in each area. For example say your alliance attacks the gatehouse. Instead of there being a terminal wave in the gatehouse itself you can face a series of increasingly difficult waves and rewards for the alliance are increased for every say 10 you clear. You can still have this system happen in each area and possibly have it be like a defensive team in wars.

By defensive team war mechanic let’s say in the same example you attack wave 10 in the gatehouse using 5 full health heroes, after you have three heroes surviving these three can be used against future waves, but the two you lost are down for the count.

Like I said this is a pie in the sky idea and I think there are good ideas here after the aforementioned content ideas are working at an acceptable level.

If you say so :woman_shrugging:

I really like these ideas.

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