Alliance Set-Up and Features

Kia Ora All … I have taken a hiatus from my alliance to farm hard, build up at least one maxed team and to train and learn. As part of this I recently created an alliance for me to play in. My intent was to trial various combos without the pressure of having to perform well for the team. I now would like to venture out to trial in a couple of newer alliances. Hopefully to help them as much as learn. I do not want to lose my solo alliance though. Does anyone know if I can leave it and it will be there when I come back? Does someone have to hokd the fort as it were or can it be empty? My gut tells me it will close if nobody’s there, but I dont know.

Create yourself an alt account and get it into the alliance once its level 4. Set the entry reqs to invite only and then you can let yourself back in later when your main has finished roaming. Invite only will also prevent anyone else joining an essentially dead alliance.

What’s so special about your alliance that you want to keep it? I have never made an alliance so maybe I just don’t get it. Don’t understand what you would ever do with it. Just curious what I’m missing.

Well I am relatively new to the game and I have been in 3 different alliances now. My last one is/was great but I felt that I was missing out on learning on a deeper level due to pressure to perform for group. There is always something to fight for in an alliance that is active and hungry. I wanted to take time to trial various hero combos on actual targets so that I can see results. I opened my alliance as a training room without pressure. It vosts though and I kinda like the name. I want to go out and roam in New groups but don’t want to lose my setup fee. That’s all

It’s too late for you but if you want to be alone a moment for testing, there is already many, many dead alliances with only a leader not playing since months.
If you want keep your alliance, SocialPariah is right, you need a second account

Thanks all … I have resolved my issue. …many thanks for your inputs. My old alliance has made contact and we will use my room as a training ground for newbies growing up to become alliance members as well as a resting room for members away for lengthy time or just wanting a rest. It ticks all my boxes…

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