Alliance seeks help. Be the change we know you can be

So yeah. After roughly a year of contemplation, decided that our pitch needed an update because it was boring. Not sure this is any less boring, but sometimes it helps to just spray the week old clothing with Fabreeze to help the smell before putting it all on to go to work.


Who we are: W4RH0UNDS. That’s W-FOUR-H-ZERO-U-N-D-S. Except spell it like W4RH0UNDS in the search thingy. I couldn’t tell you why we spell it that way. We just do.

What do we do: Kill an endless stream of Titans that sometimes drop something useful but most of the time drop junk. But we keep killing them anyway. Pretty sure the game just puts one in front of us each day to taunt us. Or else the game is just some sort of weird psychological test that wants to see how many days in a row a group of relative strangers will try to slaughter something put in front of them for something approaching fun and another pack of common herbs. So. Many. Common. Herbs.

Oh, and we fight wars against people we really don’t have a beef with, but the game makes us anyway. I mean, that’s what every alliance does right? Commit violence against other alliances twice a week because the game forces us to while murdering unsuspecting bouncing Medusa heads?

Looking around at all the other alliances in this list, including all of them that are going to bury this most amazing sales pitch about 10 seconds after I bump it again, it seems like that’s what we all do.

Don’t worry if you’re new to it. We’ll help you become a murder machine with our mentoring (yes, the door says invite only and there’s a cup level, but just ask. We’ll probably let you in…it’s a loose thing).

So yeah, Titans and war. Oh, and we have that line chat thingy.

Line ID: wondermoose

We share tips. We talk to one another with it. Technology is amazing.

What else? We’ll, we’re an international alliance, so if you ever wanted to talk to someone from England, come on in! Or if you’re from England (or some other part of Europe) and wanted to talk to someone from Wyoming, we can arrange that as well.

We all get along though, so there’s that (despite the odd time differences).

What do you need to do?

Bring your winning personality, hit the Titans as hard as you can, and use all your flags in war when you can (our war strategy is relaxed but generally effective).

It’s a low bar. Seriously. P2w, f2p, c2p…all are welcome.

Any questions and just hit me up on line or here.


We still have spots if anyone is interested.

If you’re an experienced player or a newer one, we have 5 spots open. We’re a fun group of dedicated players of all levels that works together for team goals (Titans and Wars). Currently on 6* Titans and moving to 7* Titans soon. Come check us out!

(Note the 4 for the A in our alliance name as well as the zero after the H in it).

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Looking for 5 still to join in our group. The more the merrier as we take all levels!

Still need 4. Will allow war opt outs, fighting and beating 5-6 star Titans, discussing the rare wanted chests and best practices to trigger them to help build a team faster, and a fun group that will help any levels that are in. We also have a line chat (optional) and you can contact me there.

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About a week or so in and would like to get into an English speaking alliance for communication. In a German one now and I am clueless

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You can come join us. We take newer players with no issues and have English as the primary language.

W4RH0UNDS: Look for us with the 4 for the A in W4r and the zero for the letter 0 in H0unds in the alliance and we’ll get you in. Just hit the join button (were invite only but we don’t ask questions).

We have room again. Come check us out!

Recruiting is hard. You can help us not need to recruit by joining us because we have like a ton of spots open and really want to make new friends. So be a pal and help? We’re nice people. Really!

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What Titan* are you hitting?

We tend to move between 6-7* on average these days. We did backslide to a 5* recently, but there were reasons for that with people being off/leaving suddenly (hence the recruiting, and those die fast in our group); this is due to lack of firepower in numbers holding us back more than dedication to killing the things.

Which is the issue. We want to kill higher level Titans, and are capable; but need the help (or something else) because we’re too top heavy.

The hope is to add some people to make that a possibility because my feeling is we’re about two to three solid players away from getting to higher Titan kills. But I understand if you (or anyone else) needs something higher. Thanks for touching base anyways, and if you want to know more, contact me here or elsewhere.

Look us up
[#ff0066]—:fire: :fire::star: :star:APEX MARAUDERS:star: :star::fire::fire:—[#66ffff] New Alliance looking for active, experienced players! 3800+tp and 1800+ cups! [#ffff99]Titans, war, and communication will be required. [#ffccff] Line ID: [#ff33ff]knutmeg

One more titan to fill my chest… then im leaning pretty hard on wanting to join.

Great. If you need to wait for war to end if you are in one, that’s fine as well. We would never ask anyone to leave a war, and we have a lot of spots at the moment. But when you are ready, we’ll be happy to have you.

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Request sent… hope to be of help

Your line ID doesn’t work - says user not found. I wonder if people are Looking for you but yet can’t find you.

Hi Rah. Apparently something happened there and it should work now as I just reset it. It’s now: wondermoose (all lowercase). Hopefully it works, but if it doesn’t, do you have one to contact you at?

Also, thanks for the heads up. Not sure what happened there.

I let you in a few minutes ago. Welcome to the group! Still room if anyone else wants in.

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Tonight’s special gathering:

Mok-Arr: Why does he feel the need to lash out at everyone? A discussion of the psychology and existential torment of a man-shark/shark-man (we’re not really sure what he is or that it matters anyway…or does it matter?) at W4RH0UNDS.

Today’s discussion at W4RH0UNDS:

Is any fried chicken sandwich really worth waiting through all of this?

Further, we’ll explore society’s current fascination and FOMO of a type of sandwich that’s existed at least within my entire lifetime in the states (over 4 decades at least).

Hope to see you there.

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