Alliance Secret Santa Hero Exchange

Nice idea, I hope so… :smile:

Bump, because why not ?


Allow once a year on Christmas eve to globally and randomly exchange heroes within same rarity/family

I think that might be great and all for the most part for the most part, however, there are some alliances that only have a few alliance members. Also we spend diamonds on these hero’s, and it’s a waste to keep getting the same 1’s, my idea is similar to yours only I think we should be able to trade with alliance members at any time, with no limit. I mean I spend a lot of diamonds on my heroes and obviously money on diamond so it would be more worth my money and time if my alliance members could use what I don’t need.

the exchange of heroes is also more useful to me

for example

  • player 1 has four Bane
  • player 2 has three Oberons
  • player 3 has two Valen
  • player 4 has five Azar.

players 1 and 2 exchange a Bane for an Oberon
players 3 and 4 exchange a Valen for an Azar

the basic limits that I would put?

  1. Exchanges only take place between equivalent heroes: 3 stars with 3 stars, 4 stars with 4 stars, 5 stars with 5 stars.
  2. the heroes are exchanged, not the level: if player 1 has level 4 Bane and player 2 has Azar at the maximum, after the exchange player 1 will find himself with a level 4 Azar and player 2 with a Bane at most.

it remains more complex to manage for the heroes in costumes. the basic part is not to lose the points spent in the evolution of the starting hero.

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