Alliance search totally dysfunctional. I have a simple idea

For the love of simple reason, do some Alliance housekeeping SG. There are now over 366,000 Alliances and a large number of those are just ghosts ranging from inactive 180 days to as long as 672 that I have seen while trying to find my old alliance. Seriously, It is ridiculous, some of them are people with not remotely levelled 1 star heroes who haven’t played in two years.
Come to terms with it, they are not coming back so just delete them already. Maybe that will help fix up the currently unworkable search. Surely you can delete Alliances without deleting user accounts also?

Seriously, I’m going to bump this until people are more sick of me.

About 8 weeks ago I started a one man band as a sandpit for practice and my qualifying alliance spot was ~#366,600. Several weeks later after having lost all my first wars. Something like 9 losses, one draw and finally two wins to fill a war chest and my Alliance rank is now ~#160,300. Clearly more than 180,000 Alliances are totally inactive; the longest I have seen is 772 days and literally half of all Alliances showing up in the search have o to less than half the qualifying points to form one.
Seriously, the Dev’s must be on drugs or something because even by SG standards currently that is far beyond totally pathetic.
I want to find my old alliance but I have noticed that previous search terms are appearing in current different keyword searches and sometimes exclusively related to a previous search key words.

You presumably have mastered flushing the toilet after use so why can you not master flushing a simple memory cache? It is sending me totally bananas.


I completely agree that they should clean up the alliance list. For their own profits. New players are joining dead alliances. For real, because the game tells them it’s a good idea.

Then the alliance proves to be useless and the cycle continues. Just dissolve alliances with leaders that are inactive for more than ____ days.


I agree with the post author, but with one remark: there’s no need to delete the alliances, just hide them from the search results :slight_smile:
The criteria could be like “any member (not only the leader) didn’t show up in the game during the last week”. Then, if some alliance member will enter the game, the alliance will appear in the search again.
Looks like an easy win.

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You have a point, many of the dead alliances also utilise popular keywords so they constitute a fair proportion of search results. I’m trying to find my old Alliance and it came up on a search week and a half ago but I wanted to finish filling my war chest which I did but can’t find them again. It is so frustrating.

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