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Are they going to fix the alliance search function any time soon? The fact that we cannot add new members to our alliance is starting to really hurt. We’re down to 25 members without a single new applicant since they made the change.

What I’m really wanting to know is whether they’re aware of the issue and if they’re going to put it back.


As it has been mentioned several times, and they read the Forums, I’m sure they’re aware.

Not sure why the change was made, not what fix might be being planned.

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They are doing something right now.
The research function show the alliances in a strange/random manner, so they probably working on it.

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Just as a quick update - my alliance (TremTran) doesn’t show up if you just hit ‘search’ as it seems to have a cap of 25/30 members and below for that method. Second, if you search for Trem or Tran it doesn’t come up. You must search for tremtran to find us. We are at 28/30, no adds in weeks and weeks and with AW we’d really like to be able to be found as a 90k point alliance.

Yeah, Mis or Toy doesn’t work for ours (“Misfit” or “Toys” will).

I suspect that since TremTran is posted as one word, it must be searched that way. Have you tried separating the two words in your settings to make you easier to find?

@rook - that worked, thanks!

We still don’t come up and there’s now an alliance with 26/30 on the list. Maybe the cap is points or something.

I’m not sure what caused the search error (nor why they haven’t switched back to the existing version)…

In these things, we alliance leaders improvise, overcome and adapt, right? Best of luck to you and your efforts!

Please remember the Alliance Recruitment section here on the Forum, and the AR Chatroom in the game.

The Devs are definitely aware - as per the thread below.

No further updates since that post, however, but that thread is probably the one to pursue as Petri has already contributed to it.


Thanks - just bumped it.

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Hi everyone, for us to better understand the problem and how to improve the search function, could you list here the current issues?

Just to clarify, I’m talking about the recommended alliances / “research” feature (tapping the search button without adding any search parameters). Partial word search isn’t currently supported.

Currently, the recommended alliances are sorted by the Alliance score and it includes Alliances with over 6 members. We already prefer Alliances in the players own language (as long as the Alliance has defined the correct language).

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If i have to choose, i prefer the research show me:

  • all alliances with 1+ spot open
  • everytime i click the research, i want to see new random alliances (not always the same) as it was before
  • a free/on invite parameter

definitely new results, everytime random search is tapped.

not entirely related, but could you change the invite option to apply? It causes so much confusion for the new players, waiting to be invited…


like @witch said, every time you hit search the lists changes. It does go highest score to lowest for that button push but in 50 pushes my alliance did not show up at all, not once, and was higher points than any of the top ones the 50 times I pushed searched. It’s all random.


The list is the same every time for me, it needs to grab new results with each search


Still changing for me. Top score was 82k and we are over 90k and never show up. Then a team with 17k was on top for a while, with the 82k team below it.

Imo preferences for an empty alliance search should be:

  • Language (if applicable)
  • Alliances with 1 - more empty slots from top to bottom listed
  • Activity within the alliance (if this data can be used)
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Is there a reason the alliance population is random? Is this to help alliances to fill?

(Sorry, just curious)

Related to @Rook’s question:
Why did the team feel they had to change it? What problem were they trying to solve?

In changing it, it seems to have created a worse problem. Before the change my alliance had many visitors when it had a couple of places open. Now it doesn’t and I can only really fill then by active recruiting. So whatever it was that changed the way an empty search works seems to have broken it.

The way I would like it to work?
Random selection of alliances with alliance score associated with your level matching on language and ordering by open over invite-only, then by free members ASCENDING (i.e. show those with fewest free members first). Random selection that match these criteria.

i.e.) I’d like to be recommended an alliance that talks my language that is a level close to mine (so I can contribute meaningfully) that is populated / active (few open remaining slots) that I can join easily. Not show the same results on each search.


I would really prefer the random search to come up with alliances randomly, not in ascending or descending order of members… because if it was the way you prefer, those with one or two open slots would only show up at the very end and therefore probably never get looked at.
If the number of members has to be a part of the random search, then I would prefer it to be a search option…

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A valid point. Myself I’d prefer to see single opening first followed by dual… but if there are enough with single open slots the dual won’t get a look in. I agree that you don’t want to bias against teams with more open slots, so your point is well made. The users who want to avoid teams with more open slots would just scroll past them.

I think it is important to try match on alliance strength equivalent to level, and language. Ideally give the search results some sort options… or some filters.

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