Alliance scores

Why does our alliance score keep going up when we keep losing wars? It should go down. That way we might have a chance to fight weaker alliances. We have lost the last 10 wars by a large margin. Each alliance we are matched with has a 10-20 thousand score advantage above us. It is getting a little frustrating to the alliance. We would like to win every now and then, if only for better loot

Alliance score isn’t related to wars. It’s a combination of the trophy score of all your members and your titan score. It hasn’t been used for war matching since the very beginning.

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But it should be the only score that matters when as this way fights are much fairer and not left to all the big guns.

AW based scores would mean all alliences wars where more even instead of what it is now.

It’s why I stop them, we never had a chance from the word go so why waste the time for such poor rewards.

Maybe if the rewards where better i wouldn’t mind do much.

Alliance scores, as they are, are too easy to manipulate by cup dropping. The raid chests aren’t enough bigger in platinum or diamond to discourage it, so you would end up with alliances of diamond level teams dropping cups into gold, then being matched with gold level alliances.

This is what happened before, and why they stopped using alliance scores for matching.

I do not know why the devs are having trouble with the matchmaking for alliance wars. Each player in an alliance gets 6 attacks with 5 different heroes. Thus each players power should be determined by adding up there top 30 heroes power and plus an amount for their troops. Add up that number from each of the members of an alliance and that number should be the basis for matchmaking.

Also, alliance score does not mean anything for matchmaking. I forget what the current stupidity they are using right now but I think it has something to do with your strongest hero only instead of your top 30 as I mentioned above

The problem is, what measure do you use to determine hero power? The numbers as they stand are not representative of how effective a particular hero is, particularly with regard to unleveled or partly leveled 4* and 5* heroes. The power listed on the card for a 5* at 1/1 (just strolled out of TC20) is comparable to a 3* 3/50, but if you look at attack, defense, health, and special move, the 3* will be much more effective. This results in a lot of mismatches for alliances who have a lot of elite and legendary heroes that aren’t leveled up yet.

Here’s a couple cards from my bench to compare. In both cases, the 5* 1/1 is within 10 or 11 power points of the comparable style 3*, but when you look at the stats, it isn’t even close.

First, fast yellow snipers, Bane 3/50, 8/8 special compared with a brand new Joon.

And second, a slow red AoE hitter, Jahangir 3/50, 8/8 special vs Azlar 1/1, 1/1 special

Good heroes/bad heroes and good boards/bad boards definitely have an affect on the outcome, but I would argue that individual and team strategy is most important to the final outcome. Our alliance beat an alliance that had a 10k advantage in alliance score.

What you describe is what they do, though weighting the top 5 heroes more (accounting for the fact that the defense team is there in each battle). Clearly it’s not working well, perhaps because the power rating isn’t really sensible for less than fully ascended heroes.

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Zoon needs to eat Bane. lol

Joon is waiting in line for ascension mats behind Delilah and Vivica.

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