Alliance score went from 60k to 100k after new update [SOLVED: War Scores are now added to Alliance Scores]

Dear all,
Before we updated to the newest version our Alliance acore was 60k right after we updated the game app, our new alliance score is over 101k therefore the matchmaking is using the new score and we’re facing Alliances with 100k+ power, please solve this issue.
Best regards.

This is not a bug or issue. This is part of the update and working as intended. Version 22 Release Notes & Status

" * The War Score is now included in the Alliance Score. There has been no change in how the War Score is calculated except that we divide it by six. The War Score now makes up roughly one third of the Alliance Score together with the Trophy Score and the Titan Score."


Dear Slingbow,
Appreciate your reply.
Makes sense now,
Best regards


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