Alliance score went down with new player – how is Alliance Score calculated?

Just a curiosity. One of our members just had his wife join our alliance. She’s a brand new player and more than welcome.

I just thought it curious that our alliance score before she joined was 127639 and after she joined it dropped to 124910.

It seems to be in the titan score - the same titan before and after she joined.

61055 vs 58002

Wouldn’t even her small heroes be counted towards an increased score?

If you look at it like the average power of your alliances members has gone down with the addition of her lower heroes. It will go back up as she grows stronger

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That’s what my husband figured too. Of course whenever he tells me anything I need to go ask for a second opinion :joy:

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That’s not a bad idea. I enjoy messing with my wife and daughter all the time with bad info

actually i believe it was just the titan score who was responsible for the lower alliance score.

titan score decreases by 5% every day. you just have to check tomorrow if the decrease in titan score happens around the same time you saw it today


Team power has nothing to do with alliance score…so I would look at the decrease in titan score as the culprit.

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It was the titan score - I referenced those numbers in my OP. But it was the same titan before and after she joined.

Yes, titan score decreases about 5% a day is my understanding. So if you didn’t kill it, it makes sense to be lower.

it’s not about the current titan. Every time you kill a titan you get points for the titan score.
this score suffers a 5% decrease every 24 hours regardless of what os going on with current titan

if you keep track of top 10 alliances you will see that they change places a lot and most of it is due to titan depreciation (- titan score) and titan killing times (+ titan score)


Very cool. I’ll check it tomorrow to see how it goes. It’s no biggie, I was just curious about it.

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Yes, our alliance score is over 128k now so I can see how the titan score fluctuates. I don’t track it that closely and I guess it just stuck out because of the drop with a new player.

Thanks everyone.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn you can close this thread if you don’t feel it serves a purpose any longer

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It sounds like you got your question satisfactorily answered, so that seems like a great stopping place to me. :slight_smile:


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