Alliance Score and Titan Stars

Does anyone know what’s the correlation? I mean, are there exact numbers for each Titan? (For instance, 100k equals an 8* and so forth). I tried to find that information but got nowhere…

That’s not how it works. Alliance kills titan => they get stronger titan. Alliance fails to kill titan => they get weaker titan. The titan score is calculated from the titans defeated/escaped.

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I see. It’s just that my Alliance defeated two 8* in a row and the third one is another 8*

There’s some randomness about when the titan stars increase. After an escape, the stars usually decrease by one, but there’s some randomness there too (I remember from a long time ago a decrease by two stars).

So it might be linked with Alliance score? It would be logical to.

Suppose you create an alliance and the top 30 players who have the highest trophies all join in. The alliance wouldn’t be fighting low Star Titans by then since the Alliance score would be boosted by the members’ trophies alone.

Any new alliance starts with 1 * titans. You can progress up quick - when Seven Days Hunting first started, they started with 1* and were up to 9* in 2-3 weeks I believe.

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So you always have to go through each Star Titan. Thanks, Dante.

Just to clarify - there is no explicit logic that says you get a stronger titan when you win. For example - we killed a 7* with around 1.8M hp and then the next one was another 7* with 1.6M hp. Of this, I am sure.

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Thank you for your input. I feel like there should be tiers or something. But I guess SG doesn’t like clarity xD

There are tiers actually; however, as others have pointed out there seems to be a roll for whether you go up or down or stay the same.

There’s actually 10 discrete tiers of titans within each level when we’re talking 3* and higher titans… couldn’t find 10 in 1-2* titans but there’s similar patterns there too.