Alliance rewards

Hi everyone!!! I’m a clan leader of a young clan. New players are come and go, sometimes people trying to play, and then stop, because they think that it’s hard to move forward in this game, saying that they need to spend money and a lot of stuff like that. It’s very hard to operate an alliance like this

  • so my suggestion is to add some kind of “in clan” rewards that can be granted by clan leader. This will help to motivate new players to play and also it will work as a motivation to people, who play more than few days, to stay online and be a part of alliance events.
  • also for this purpose I would suggest to create something like an Alliance BANK, so members could share their items with each other. And ofcourse this bank should be opperated by clan administration.

i think the alliance bank is one of the most wanted feature :wink: an alliance bonus is a great idea and you see this in much other games.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I switched from Final Fantasy to this, then discovered sharing isn’t an option, and the availability of select ascension items is much more than difficult. IE: Trap tools and spears. I’ve been playing for a year and only received (purchased) four spears and about 10 trap tools. Why make it THAT difficult to level up, and why not provide us the ability to share resources? Oh, and allow alliance leaders the option to have dialog filtered or not. Most of us are, over 18, adults, so lift this ridiculous system filter.

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Totally agree with you regarding guild chat control.
I played WoW long time ago, there was a bueatiful feature with guild ranks. You could adjust what each rank can or can not do, and the lowest rank could be muted to guild chatt, so if someone writes something unacceptable, guild master or high officers could just mute him for some time. I had a situation that I had to kick a person, cuz he was drunk…


You will now hear all the story’s off the F2p players who are in the top tire saying they managed to do it!
I don’t call BS on it! Maybe they did! Any proof then just word of mouth?

I don’t really care if they are f2p or p2w as long as they active and ready to work for alliance prosperity. Thanks for the reply!

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