Alliance Rewards for Alliance Members

As @Fatheroffour004 posted 3 days ago on his post here, I wish there was a an optional reward system for Alliance Leaders to boost the morale of their members. I would’ve commented on his post but I wanted to elaborate more on the subject and felt it needed a new post on the matter.

Initially, I was thinking the same things as @Fatheroffour004 when s/he mentioned gems, tokens or even possibilities to gain access to better heroes, but these are clearly out of question. Why? Well, because the game was developed and monetized in a way that made players want to invest into gems to help them progress. But since gems and tokens are too valuable, low tier loot isn’t. But as players get higher in levels and rankings, the value of these diminish - making them worth while only for the low tier players. And while it is crucial for a game to ease getting hooked into it on early stages, it needs to stay fair.

Verdict; the rewards need to be cosmetic.

I love the addition of new avatars in the shop. They make the player base so much more variant compared to before, when my Alliance had 4 Boril and 3 Gunnar avatars. Christ it was hard to read the chat at times. But what more cosmetic can there be in this game that can fit on the already crowded screen?


Imagine if it would state: “Playername1, Elder Tactican” instead of just “Elder”, or “Playername2, Aspiring Member” instead of just Member.

I’m sure you can imagine plenty of cool titles. So, I suppose there would be few ways this could be executed:

1. Anything the Alliance Leader wants to write.
This proposes difficulties with censorship, as some people just want to see the world burn. Which leads into the option number two:

2. Preset list of titles.
This on the other hand, proposes difficulties with translation, as the game can be played in …15? different languages, and there is a chance not all words can be found in each language.

There could be plenty of ways to go about this. Like, a databased title for achieving things, like being active and providing exceptional amounts of damage in titan battles or wars in regards to your Team Power. So, even if you can’t deal more than 1000 damage on each attack on that darn titan, but you’re still dealing more than any other with that team power in your alliance, you could be a given a title based on working hard. The titles wouldn’t even need to be permanent if they were statistic based, and not given by the Alliance Leader. If you lack activity, you get your title revoked and vice versa.

What are your thoughts on the matter? I would love to reward the most active members of my Alliance!

  • Zeldylocks
    Kansan Ruusut Alliance Leader

I think this is a great idea (along with a great avatar btw!)

I too would like to be able to reward members of my alliance.

Gets my vote.


I love it. Some titles I’d like to see (which could also go along with roles within the alliance:

Tank hunter
Night watch


Those are some really cool titles. Vote this thread and we’ll see if we can get this moving! :muscle:


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