Alliance Resources Idea


Will detail this out as its a pretty big idea…sorry for the novel…
Add a building or function tied directly to the Alliance you are in for resources. This could be called the ‘Titan Vault’. The purpose would be the each Titan defeated would award certain levels of food, iron, or other items. This ‘bank’ could then be setup to operate in 2 fashions:

  1. Titan Vault will use XX amount of resources to give various boosts to members. e.g. +1% mob damage, or +1% to mana gains in general, etc. Limitless options here I wont go into now
  2. Instead of option 1 - The Vault gathers resources which can the be handed out to others in the alliance. This allows the Alliance to setup expectations and an award system they can control. Downside would be a leader awarding tbemselves, but those alliances usually fail pretty quickly.

Theres more to this…but I think I got the main jist down. If you guys want a FULL rundown Id be more than happy to put something together. :slight_smile: