Alliance Reserve Slots

It often happens that one player or another has to go inactive for dome time (work, travel, boredom… whatever). But game mechanics strongly punished alliance for having inactive people as even 1-2 inactives out of 30 can make a deciding difference on a 10* titan or competitive alliance war.

Currently the only option apart from accepting reduced efficiency and is removing person from alliance, especially when absence is unexpected or prolonged. But since game communication is limited that often means lost contact which is a pity since person could may be return to activity later but very unlikely to find way back in slliance.

Many top alliances partialy solve this by maintaining a chain of secondary supportive alliances, which is still imperfect solution as you can’t transfer player there if he is stuck offline, and it requires some management effort which is hard to organize in average below top 100 alliance where people are less involved. Not everyone manages and/or wishes to organize out-of-game communication (line etc) which also is not a solution anyways.

Idea I suggest: adding extra “reserve” player slots to alliance, like 3-5 can be enough. Allow alliance officers move players there as alternative for kicking out. Player in reserve would be denied participation in titan or AW but would be able to be spectator and participate in chat. Later he can rejoin the main alliance body if slot is open on same rules ad if he was trying to join it from outside. Same temporal penalties (titan loot reduction etc) can be applied to prevent any forms of abusing the mechanics.

This way we could keep these cool and strong players that have hone temporaly offline and maintain better alliance sustainability. Constant reqruitment pain that we currently face is really taxing.

Very sound idea. Too bad I’ve used my votes.

I like it.

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And what is up with reserve players when your alliance is full?? Just sitting arround and waiting for a player to become inactive? Can you please check this? I would not want to be a reserve player at all when I get no reward.
Just kick the guys out. They can join the other alliance when online again and the “reserve” players are also in the other alliance and can move over.

Sorsha, if a player returns to activity and main alliance body is full and he is not allowed to rejoin it, no one prohibits him to leave and seek another alliance elsewhere.
However this is not very often the case:

  1. if you have some excellent player placed in reserve return to action, you may remove someone slacking to make spot.
  2. if #1 is not desired, you may agree some kind of rotation so each player spends a 2-3 days in reserve once in a while. If 30 players participate in such rotation that would mean each one has to chill out only 2-3 days every 2-3 months.
  3. sadly, attrition happens all the time, every month there is someone who leaves or goes inactive, so the spots in main alliance body are generally not a problem, it is having active competent players to fill them that is an issue, and described mechanic is a tool that could help address it somewhat.
  4. good thing about it that no one would be forced to use it if not want to do so.

Thank you all for comments by the way!

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You can try if you like but I don’t have the feeling that many Players would agree to be reserve onyl and not a full member of your alliance.
Sorry but no vote from me :zipper_mouth_face:

Good luck anyway! :crossed_fingers:

It’s a nice idea and would solve the problem of players having real life issues. I do know some players who do wait to get back into a certain alliance and the wait can be worth it for top alliances.
But the likes of 7dd and CP or indeed all the top 20 or so alliances have a waiting list of people who want their chance to shine
But could be a very useful addition for mid to lower lvl alliances

I like it, I had it happen that people went off without notice and it got us worried. But how long do you wait to replace such a person? With your idea you can just put them in the reserve slot for a month to see if they come back, very good idea.

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