Alliance Rejuvenation (AR) Project

Alliance Rejuvenation Project

so, I think we need to revamps few events or start thinking about more group/alliance activities. Within the last month there has been a more noticeable inactivity in alot of players. This has been noted from players talking about thier alliances on the forum as well as info ive got from my own alliance. Moral is currently low and it has alot to do with the majority of solo activities, frustration and boredom. Besides AW and titans there is no real need for interaction between members. Im literally pulling teeth trying get my once chatty comrades to talk about anything and to stop quiting the game. We have lost about 10 members who have strait up said saying they are taking a break from the game. This had alot to do with these solo events, obvious money grab features and updates that have no substantial impact on the game. So what im suggesting is maybe all of us put our heads together to see what ideas we can come up with to allow more personal interactions between players.

Side note question: outside of the forum, is any alliance having recruiting difficulties?

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Maybe a mod can fix that bold script for you? @Guvnor @littleKAF @zephyr1 ??

There is the Mystic Titan coming up. It‘s a feature for the alliances.

Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

I’m definitely interested in mystic titan… but will it be enough? How often will it come? I’ve got an idea but wanted see how others responded 1st…

Sounds like, it‘s a monthly event.

I love the fact, that you have to play together with some other alliances.

I hope they going to implement a extra chat for that. So you can met some new other players and talk with them. Maybe based on the language you have in your alliance setting, because not everyone in my alliance can read or write english

I don‘t know what is your idea, but would love to read it. So, let‘s see how many others going to answer

In actuality, I’m assuming, you’re wanting ideas on how to keep alliance mates more engaged? Not waiting on SG to do it for us. Based on this assumption…

I’ve found, Line or Discord is great for keeping communication at the fore. We’ve set up multiple rooms to discuss multiple topics. Already this morning / afternoon /evening, we’ve conversed on chocolate, neglect in the use of the u in American spelling, Covoid…

We have competitions when a titan is being released, based on who can score the highest using just antedotes. My other alliance NO titan escapes.

We’re also international, friendly, welcoming and just good people. Someone is usually on throughout the day and just touching base by posting messages in game works.

Side note: I have awesome alliance mates and we haven’t had trouble recruiting, touch wood (yes, we also have talented recruiters). But, we’ve recently recruited more people in both alliances through Word-of-mouth. Players will reach out to friends who they feel would enjoy our alliance when a space opens up.

Btw - People don’t tend to persist with reading a wall of text, unless they’re interested in the topic. Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs

Ps. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve tweaked your thread title. I initially thought this thread was about AR Atlantis Rising :woozy_face:. Wrong :dizzy_face:. Or, was that your intention? Apologies, in advance.


lol, i thought the same, but yeah, the title make more sense now. :ok_hand:

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Didn’t think about atlantis lol. It’s cool thanks

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