Alliance Recruitment post question- Views? Comments? Effectiveness? Filling alliance slots

I am fairly new to the forum but have been playing the game for awhile now. I made a post on recruitment 10 or so days ago and again today. My question is how do I make posts more effective? Neither have been viewed or commented on. I suppose we are a “mid level” alliance and are daily players. We just have a tiny hiccup in getting the last 5 members. Is there a better way to recruit? I use the line app, I post in global (when it’s not chaos) I am now using forum recruitment but still no luck in finding out last members.

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Perhaps a more provocative title? (Clean please!) :grin:

Not everyone uses the Forum, and new posts will push yours down. You can add new details to your thread and or update the details from time to time, which gives new information about your alliance and pushes your thread to the top.

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I think they are viewed although you may not know it because not many directly respond on the forums. I don’t see any view counter, but I know they are watching because I’ve picked up a few good members from the forums.

Also remember that you gotta “sell” your alliance! Differentiate yourself.

I just read you recruitment post and have a suggestion: do include titan level, because that is something people will want to know. This goes for in-game recruiting too.

To be honest, I think I only ever recruited 1 member through the forums, maybe 2. Still convenient to try if you don’t have a lot of time to recruit, because in-game you really have to stay in the recruitment room for extended periods or be really lucky.


your “active” post was viewed 16 times, your “1 member” post was viewed 35 times.

How do we see this information?

What do you mean more provocative? My alliance name is rage of the fallen

@Gryphonknight thank you. How do I see this?

Ok thanks for the advice.

Thank you, I haven’t actually been on the forum from anything other than the mobile view! We don’t see it from here. May be a way though…

Check out your profile:

Mr.Sandefer- activity- topics

“Rage of the Fallen…come check us out!”

“Rage of the Fallen…don’t let anyone take your slot!”

“Rage of the Fallen…Best alliance in nth place!”

Pick your poison. I’m sure you can do better than me.:grin:

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Thank you, the recruitment ad has been updated

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I’ll work on that. Thanks rook

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I am on mobile version so maybe that’s why I can’t see it. I found my topics section but i saw no view counter. I thank you for trying to help though

Hey can u tell me how to post a question

Hello, I’m new to posting , how do I post for alliance recruitment, thanks in advance .

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You will want to go to the Alliance Recruitment section of the Forum (scroll up, click the three horizontal lines):

Then select Alliance Recruitment:

Start a new thread in this section, and voila!

These are all very useful comments, thank you.