Alliance recruitment chat room

Hopefully you are not bothered by what you brought up now…

I agree with this 100%

I got the same problem…for alliance recruitment i got warning chat…you should check the people who do fake reports too… it’s not ok to take warning chat for violating language when i do alliance recruitment…

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Again I took report for alliance recruitment…i write a recruitment message…5 minute between them…so there it’s not a spam…why you accept any report without check it…?

@Mike86 I don’t think there’s anyone on the forum that can help you with that, you should adress the matter with an in-game ticket perhaps. Even if from the little I see there I’m inclined to agree with you, I for one can’t help with more than what I just suggested.

I also did not bother to read all the terms and conditions but I think we should not post screenshots of in-game mails of warnings and/or disciplinary actions.

Goodluck in getting your issue solved!

I have learned to avoid the AR chat. The same members have turned it into their personal chat room like a bunch of two year olds. The insults and sexual innuendo is quite childish. The place is useless to anyone else.


Tbh the recruitment section of the forum is a better, more effective place for recruitment. Venturing into AR is brave indeed! :wink:


Just block the other recruiters and smack talkers and all becomes still

that room is cluttered by unnecessary silly sidetalk and it is always the same people. seeing the room two or three days and i am sure everyone will notice the same set of players who aren’t even recruiting.

2 simple things will make it serve its purpose better (doesn’t fully solve it)

1- this room isn’t accessible by any player in a full alliance.

2- have exctended side talks be reportable and players who violated this rule are banned from the room.

blocking chatters help you, but players who are looking and didn’t block anyone will miss most ads because of the clutter caused by side chat.

there are 2 to 4 other rooms in each language for non-recruitment chat

Ok I am looking for a new alliance and have tried the chat room but it’s a bit all over the place.
I am looking for a mainly U.K. / European based alliance.
One that’s competitive but understands RLS comes first.
One that doesn’t ask me to temporarily leave an alliance if I go on a two week holiday
One that uses all war flags if opted in.
And one that takes down 7*, 8*, 9*, 10* Titans
Preferably 25+ members and English language pref


Do you go on holiday a lot?

Do you always hit the titan at least for 30k?

And all war flags if opted in?

Come see us

I always post if I have a spot in the alliance discription

Chatting works as the best way to recruit. If I see you I can try to help find you one also.

We cap 10 meaning you may only get to hit it 2 times. We can kill 14* but don’t. We are competitive with alliance events but not over the top.

Mythic titan 200-500 place

Alliance quest was 1200. I expect to be on the other side of the 1k loot next time as long as we have 30.

Rainbow tanks ffa. All flags of opted it. I love 30:30 wars but don’t care if you have to opt out sometimes.



You could check us out.

Not sure how competitive you want to be though. :thinking:

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Yes I go on holiday a lot - mainly for two weeks at a time.
The reason I am looking for a new alliance now is because my current alliance has asked me to temporarily leave and rejoin when I get home.
Which in my opinion is a bit crazy.
I told them I would opt out of war but it’s their rule that anyone missing for 14 nights plus temporarily leaves …


How much is a lot? I’d hate for miss a spot for someone to get alliance quest stuff hmm awww

Let me think.


Probably 5 x 2 weeks per year
In 2023 I go on a 3 month cruise


Have you already looked into the forum recruitment topic? There you can either find a new alliance or post your ad and look who answers. I’m not sure how many people just looking for new players in the forum are actually searching in the general discussion thread for them.

Yeap, sadly the ingame room is nearly unusable.

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Actually just saying hi and good morning to everyone is a amazing way to recruit. …… when I started the game I looked at which alliances were full and realistic perspective shows that ppl join ppl that are friendly and talk. More then someone just running an ad. ….
Fb is a good place If you just like to look at ads … or here. …

Chat rooms are a great place to… umm chat


Rats…. We are way to active and full

I think,

flipping birds

might be your best bet. I’ll keep thinking

Was they way we did it back then when we still were actively recruiting, worked just fine.

Don’t know how other language chats look like, but the last few times I looked into the German recruitment chat it was just a spam with side long adds, all visible for parts of a second before the next one fills the whole screen. Must be horror for someone looking there for a new alliance…

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