Alliance recruitment chat room

Since when did alliance recruitment become a chat room for random conversations? Easily 80% of the conversations have nothing to to with recruitment. I’ve seen top players, with full alliances abusing the recruiting room. If your not recruiting, there are other chat rooms for players to talk smack in


Reminder to the AR folk: there is an existing Line room to chat in. Come fill it with memes or other fun bits! :grin:


Yeah I have been saying this exact same thing for awhile now to. Even posed this question in the room a few days ago and was told they like to chat with people in order to help place them better in alliances. Well, I’ve sat in that room for hours trying to recruit and saw plenty of conversations and I don’t remember a single one being about alliance placement. There are plenty of other room and chat apps to use for random chit chat…let the recruitment room be for what it is named…recruitment.


**I am tired of looking at all the personal chatting that is going on. You can’t even catch the recruiting messages due to all the BS chats. They are also very borderline when it comes to following the rules.
You need to have someone there take control of this so that we can utilize this feature **

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Personal chatting is not the issue, it’s all of the spamming and that DEFINITELY violates the game’s code of conduct. AR needs monitoring, I absolutely agree. Ads are being posted 10 times or more a minute and that is excessive.

Chatting in a chatroom, however, is normal so long as the chat maintains an air of respect. Many of the recruiters (alliance leaders/co leaders) in AR have known each other in game for a really long time. (I’m entering my third year of play this July.) As such, we chat and catch up in between ad postings. So long as the conversation remains cordial and doesn’t interrupt the normal flow of the chat, it isn’t in direct violation of any rules related to the CHATROOM. CHAT room, not SPAM room.

I, myself, use ads to recruit; but I also converse. That way, in my opinion, potential recruits get a glimpse at my personality. They get to see who is in charge of the alliance they might join and, hopefully, enjoy it enough to want to join.

No ad can do that and certainly not any ad that gets posted every 10 seconds. That, more than personal conversations, disrupts the flow of chat. Spam has gotten so severe that people state POINT BLANK that it’s too busy to follow chat and they leave the room. The amount of reports, blocks, and bans have quadrupled in the last few months compared to my first year of play.

AR most definitely needs a moderator or monitor, but not for the personal conversations. Those conversations turn a game chat in to a community room. No. AR needs a moderator for the incessant spam, the harassment, the censor-beating profanity, the vulgarity, and the elitist bullying that happens.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it, again: AR is, first and foremost, a chatroom. Chat is supposed to happen in a chatroom. Ads are also to be expected and should absolutely be respected, but spam belongs on a serving dish and has no place in AR.

While I’ve seen too frequent ads, it’s unusual to see an ad repeated once per minute, never mind ten times. Meanwhile, chat unrelated to the room consumes over half the space, and not all of it is pleasant either. I expect many alliances have given up on AR chat, viewing it as unusable.

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I was in AR for most of the morning today and there was a player posting his version of an ad every 3 posts. I also saw people posting full page ads every 3 posts to sweep other ads away. I’ve seen this in excess the last few days.

It’s a recruiting room, yes, but within reason.

Hindsight is 20/20. It’s always been an alliance recruitment CHAT room, not an alliance recruitment BANNER room. Talking to people helps a potential recruit gain a perspective of what alliance they might join. However, if posting recruitment ads can be considered as spam, shouldn’t there be a seperate “chat room” for only alliance recruitment banners/ads?

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Recruitment banners are not spam in the recruiting room.

I’ve spent lots of time in the AR since I do all the recruiting for my alliance. I don’t see the same banner being spammed every 3 posts.

I don’t see much of the chat in the AR related to recruiting.

I don’t really mind the non-related chat as long as those people don’t try to get people who are actually recruiting (with banners) banned.

i think part of the problem not mentioned is that there are way way to many alliances in the game. When you have level 4s running ads for alliances they just created when they have no idea how to level troops, there is an issue. If SG would kill alliance creation for awhile, remove the crap ton of dead alliances out there, that would free up more recruits, so there would be more people looking for homes, then AR would actually be busy with people looking for alliances, ads would not have to be posted as often cause spots would be filling up, chatter would actually be about recruiting and everyone would be happy


I agree with the OP, recruiting is a nightmare due to the amount of random chatter.
If your in the Alliance Recruitment room, then please keep your chatter Alliance Recruitment based.
There are channels for other topics including the “off topic” room which would be a better place to sing baby shark and tell everyone what flavor cake you don’t like.
Regarding the complaints of seeing the same message 2 or 3 times within 5 minutes. It seems in “most” cases, people repost there recruitment message in the recruitment room when it is no longer visible. Perhaps if there was less off topic chit chat and more focus on recruiting this wouldn’t be an issue.
In regards to having someone monitor the chat, it may be worthwhile to consider adding a message limit to the chat room within a certain time frame, this would keep the people who sit it the chat daily, from sweeping actual recruitment posts off the screen with OFF TOPIC or GENERAL chat (there are other rooms for these) and allow recruiting to take place in the RECRUITMENT room.
I normally do not post my opinion on the forums because opinions can lead to arguments. Yesterday I had a player tell me they reported me for having too long of a recruitment post. I post my recruitment message about once every 30 minutes to an hour. This is the message was “too long”


i don’t mind ads myself. Spamming them, and the random chatter, does tend to get out of hand though.

A good solution would be to make the AR room (or some other dedicated room for alliance ads) have a cooldown on how many times a user may post messages per x seconds. This would also definetely resolve the amount of random chatter going on. Personally I do think chatting is important, I’ve recruited others before by talking to them :slight_smile: but if it’s minimized then it would make for a better experience to depart from the random convos

The biggest issue with this is that, if it’s implemented in one room only, there may be users who will feel compelled to spam their ads in other rooms. It would also require good effort from the community to properly report, or good moderation. Or both.

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how is it you get to decide what the issue is for a person entering a chat room. 3 people come here and say hey this bothers meand you reply with, no that’s ok this is what bothers me. the whole issue with chat room is different things bother different people. if people are spamming allaince recruiting messages in alliance recruitment, that’s where they are supposed to be and maybe need to be warned with a timetable for how many times to post but for you to try and tell another player what bothers them seems a little proposterous.


from my own experience I have filled out allaince with recruits as lot faster using the allaince recruitment here in the forums. lot easier to post exactly what you looking for and you usually pull much friendlier and mature people who can say exactly what they are looking for in your post without being attacked.

just my take as my 45 minutes in general chat was enough to give me a headache lol.


You misread my post. I would never be so condescending as to insist that my opinion matters more than anyone else’s. It is my intention to help clarify that AR is, primarily, a chatroom. Spamming, posting the same ad every 5th comment or 10 times a minute, is an issue that directly violates the chat rules.

I didnt misread your post as I quoted what you said. you continue in later posts to reinterate that to you, people chatting about whatever in the alliance room, is acceptable to you because that was how you got to know people. was also said that there was a general chat room for that which you reinterated that you still see nothing wrong with idle chat In allaince recruitment when others said that it bothered them.

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so again stateing that gossiping In a chatroom when there are 5 other million places from messenger, to line, to discord, to general chat is OK to you but bothers others, which is why I stated rules need to be posted so as not to have this issue arise about people feeling some kind of way. none of us can choose what other find offensive but we do have to respect others wishes in a fair way which apparantly isnt happening as claims of abuse are up all over the place. my question that has never been answered however is again, if SG gets a report the review the chat and if the find violations of the rules said person gets banned, if said person committed no offense then SG would not ban them so that is the answer I would like to here. how can someone bully into a ban if you if you have proof you said nothing wrong?

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It is primarily a RECRUITING room. Not a room to chat about pie or dating or whats on TV or role playing.

Banners are for recruiting. Stating in a compact form the alliance requirements and asking people to join.

I frankly don’t care what people talk about in any chat room but people actually recruiting should not be reported or banned for recruiting in the one room designated for recruiting.


I am merely stating my opinion in rebuttal to other opinions. I never once stated that my opinion is of greater validity than any one I have replied to. Not once. I have also never once gone on the attack against anyone in this thread for their opinion being the opposite of mine.

I countered popular opinions; people saying chat doesn’t belong in a chatroom; with a statement of fact: chatting builds a stronger gaming community than spamming the room dizzy will.

I offered genuine examples of the AR chatroom rules being broken; spam, spam, spam; whereas all anyone has attacked me with is insults about my opinion or about those of us who chat in AR.

We are a gaming community. We chat, we laugh, we help one another, we guide new players to the right homes, we search for mercs, and we keep a game that is getting increasingly frustrating fun for one another. How can that be a bad thing?

Also, with general being full of role playing and minors; with peer support and the 20+ chats (allegedly) being full of elitests; with off-topic being fornication-central, and with AR being the only “sane” chat left, where else are we expected to go?

Plus, where have I said that ads don’t belong in AR? Though, it would seem, this is how everyone is talking my opinion; that is on whomever more than me. Ads absolutely belong in AR, more so than in any other room, but within reason. It is illogical and irritating to post an ad every 10 seconds. Once a minute during busy times and once every 3-5 minutes during quiet times isn’t unreasonable; though this is my opinion and not a rule that I’m trying to shove down anyone’s throat.

All I have said in all of my posts is that chat absolutely belongs in a chatroom and spam belongs on a plate. Adequately spaced ads are not spam by any standards. I use ads, myself.

It is really annoying. I blocked half of the regular chatters to filter the chat there and most of them have a full alliance.

Players in the AR chat without an alliance and are not looking for one are just as annoying.

The chat and alliance search needs improvement. Sadly it is not a priority for SG.

At least the forums are a much better option for recruitment although most players don’t use it.


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