Alliance recruitment chat room


Since when did alliance recruitment become a chat room for random conversations? Easily 80% of the conversations have nothing to to with recruitment. I’ve seen top players, with full alliances abusing the recruiting room. If your not recruiting, there are other chat rooms for players to talk smack in


Reminder to the AR folk: there is an existing Line room to chat in. Come fill it with memes or other fun bits! :grin:


Yeah I have been saying this exact same thing for awhile now to. Even posed this question in the room a few days ago and was told they like to chat with people in order to help place them better in alliances. Well, I’ve sat in that room for hours trying to recruit and saw plenty of conversations and I don’t remember a single one being about alliance placement. There are plenty of other room and chat apps to use for random chit chat…let the recruitment room be for what it is named…recruitment.