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We have a couple of people in the alliance family who are dedicated to keeping our thread updated. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of people coming to us, and part of that is the visibility in the forums. Part of that is that our top members are starting to show up in top tens / top hundreds for various things. Recruitment is really hard work, and requires a lot of patience. I haven’t even dared to go into AR recruitment in game…


It’s a lot more effective than in game recruiting and a lot less work. No worries about being chat banned, no competing with spam, able to still focus on game while just checking the forum a couple times a day, etc etc

Just update your ad regularly, interested parties will see and find you. Also i can say i dont think we’ve ever had to boot anyone we’ve recruited that has a forum account. For some reason it seems that those who don’t have one are more of a gamble.


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I started an alliance a little over 300 days ago. We have a great team of 30 now. Rooks advice is spot on. Follow that philosophy and new players will find you. Good luck ! It can be hard work at times but consistency in your team rules will give you the team that you want.

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Echoing what Jonah said. You have to stand out. There seem to be infinite alliances all offering the same thing, so some sort of unique offering is needed to stand out.

I would add that if you are going to use the in game alliance recruitment chat, then don’t just jump in for every alliance seeker or post a full page ad. You need to engage in conversation and actually try and talk to people - good luck !


Thanks, @zephyr1.

In addition to what others have said, it helps to be active on the forum and share your stories. This will help you and your alliance stand out (as others said would help recruit).

I found the Guardians family (I co-lead Guardians University) through a post by @Annieb describing her journey of migrating the whole alliance when her former alliance leader went inactive. I found her story to be thorough and thoughtful. And the rest is history!

So let your character shine! And people will find you!

Other than that, my alliance buddy @PrincessLarLar has also been successful at finding people on FB.

Good luck!


I searching my memory but I’m pretty sure it’s the same for us. We may have had forum members leave us, but I can’t recall having removed anyone recruited from here.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that players on here are willing to communicate, and perhaps like the fact that the forum is well-moderated.


@Ladyfire2 have a look at this thread for more ideas

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Thanks @JonahTheBard. I’ve been playing the game but just decided to start an alliance. I’m trying to come up with stuff to say. I did set up a Line account.

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Free Play Guild:
We are a ‘middling’ alliance of twenty players… many of us have been playing together for years. All pretty friendly, conscientious and about war flags and titans… but we could do with another ten players to achieve more against titans etc. We mainly come against 8/9* titans.
We get a lot af people joining for a few minutes, then moving on. What are they looking for, and why aren’t we giving it to them?

They could just be completing POV and looking for an easy titan

But look here and tell everyone about your alliance

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When I join an alliance I do my research in the forum and ask questions in the posted recruitment adds.
What I have found is that some players just join an alliance and then “look” at what grade Titans you fight, how you did in your last war, what teams you field in war and raid defence, how many flags you use and importantly what is said in Chat.
After that they decide if it’s for them or not.
Alternatively they could just be wanderers drifting from alliance to alliance or looking for POV points or indeed special Titans etc
My advice would be to possibly look for a merger with a small alliance - there are thousands of them.
You need a decent add in the recruitment forum to attract and retain the right players


Thanks @Marie1. I did post an ad there, and got nil response.

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Keep bumping it, you could also go to global chat but I don’t really recommend that cause they all talk gibberish :joy: and not really on topic

But as JGE says a merger might be an option if you’re willing to go down that route.

Good luck

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It’s a long process. I’d say close to a third of our alliance right now was found or rather found us through our post here in the forums. But as someone else said you have to keep bumping it every day or so. Makes it easier for folks to find it. Don’t give up. Have your alliance mates reply to the post talking about the alliance and their experience.

Good luck.

I found my alliance (The Ghost Ship) in the forums by asking a well respected member for an invite in a different forum area. We seemed to be on the same page and then we had a lengthy discussion on Discord (just to be sure, and I had to be approved by existing ally members). Worked out great.

My tip would have to be: "be open to possibility, but don’t just accept anyone until you are sure they are a fit.

My warning would be not just accept someones word.

Hi I Lead an alliance called venom elite 2.0
We are war minded got us to move house a week ago to ensure continuety as leader left andwas dormant months. im looking for 5 to 8 players that want to have fun, but must have 6 teams for war and alteast between platinum to diamond level. lets say lvl 50 players up. any advice how to find members?
its extremely tough .the developers should have enabled us to dm other players. any advice appreciated, even casual hard hitters. as our war score is so high i cannot keep carrying people with 3 teams. we started with a 1* titan 8 days ago, today its already at 7*

Advice needed please

Hi @TANK50

Welcome to the forum.

Have a read of the discussion above for some recruitment ideas :+1:


What @JonahTheBard said.

Try an advertisement in alliance recruitment here also. The forums are full of quality prospects. Global chat is where you go for bad advice and weirdos imo.

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The story of how the 7D Family started :heart:

I found a lot of useful information about “How to” when I was a leader and wanted to have a fun and competitive alliance :heart:

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